Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari’s ‘Operation Talon’ closes 66 warrants


Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari’s “Operation Talon,” which took place earlier this month, closed 66 warrants that totaled over $1 million in outstanding child support. 

Operation TalonBy John Heinis/Hudson County View

In addition to the 66 child support warrants 20 criminal warrants, 15 jury duty warrants and 1 juvenile warrant were closed during this period for a total of 102 in the sweep.

The countywide warrant sweep, which took place between March 2nd until March 12th, saw the Hudson County Sheriff’s Officers work with the Director and Deputy Director of the County Division of Welfare.

“For the past two weeks, Detectives from my office have focused their attention on warrant sweeps as an important tool to combat crime and concentrate on persons who owe and are not paying child support,” Schillari said in a prepare statement. “Those who are delinquent will be brought to justice.”

Some of the largest amount delinquent included:

Domingo Rios, 54, $64,259.91 child support owed
Darrel Hargrove, 45, $116,862.01 child support owed
Ronald Harrington, 45, $90,949.46 child support owed

“Do not become a fugitive of the law by ignoring a warrant; it’s not going to go away on its own. You need to make the right decision and turn yourself in before officers come knocking at the door because we will make sure you are held accountable,” Schillari added.

Furthermore, Sheriff’s Detectives are optimistic that intel gathered from the sweep will lead to more arrests in the upcoming days and weeks.

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  1. Thank you to the Hudson County Sheriff for being proactive in addressing this very important issue of child support, and to John Hein and The Hudson View for reporting it.

    Patrick Cullen
    Row F Commissioner Candidate

    • Pat please stop kissing up to John to get your agenda across okay ?…John is a cool guy but enough of your fake routine okay ?…You remember WNY P.O Phil Molinaro and the 2 other blond brothers, one became a Fireman after resigning from the PD ?…They used to harass me and ticket my Corvette for tinted windows each week while they did whatever they wanted with their own cars okay ?… So I just went to Union City with no problems !… Let me not talk and scream so much here. Just for that my 20 votes in my family will not go to you .

  2. There R two sides to this…Sometimes guys Cannot! pay…that doesn’t matter…a vindictive wife can say…I don’t care! “Let him work it off.” Which means he spends time in Kearny—to no one’s benefit. Family issues need a more balanced & equitable & compassionate approach…Can we start from the perspective that everybody has their rights & needs.
    Not to say; that if the guy IS! just being a dead beat—okay put him in the slammer!