Jersey City drivers with $300 or more in outstanding parking fines will have car booted


Jersey City drivers with $300 or more in outstanding parking fines will have their car booted, with increased enforcement in residential zones.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Parking tickets are never favorable, but public safety is paramount. That is why we are increasing our efforts to target drivers who flout the law and put others at risk,” Mayor Steven Fulop said in a statement.

“By the same token, we heard what residents had to say about unauthorized and abandoned cars hogging parking spots and interfering with adequate street cleaning, and so we are making this quality of life concern a priority as well.”

According to the mayor’s office, the parking enforcement program looks to hold repeat offenders accountable for creating dangerous road hazards and breaking traffic safety laws.

Additionally, increasing enforcement in residential zones to target improperly parked vehicles that unlawfully take parking away from residents and are subject to impound.

This is being done to free up more parking spaces for residents, and since increased enforcement began earlier this month, over 100 vehicles with $150,000 in accumulated unpaid violations have been booted and resolved, city officials said.

“If you break the law, you will be held accountable,” added Public Safety Director James Shea.

“If you create dangerous roadway hazards that obstruct traffic, block pedestrian crosswalks, or prevent firefighters from accessing a fire hydrant during an emergency, you will be held accountable.”

Three specific parking violations the city said they will be enforcing are parking within 25 feet from crosswalks, parking within 10 feet of fire hydrants, and parking within 50 feet from a stop sign.

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  1. Repaint fire emblem by fire hydrant bright yellow in Country Village and the entire city. The dark red they are now painted is not visible at night and drivers park by hydrant overnight with no fear of getting a ticket.

  2. Van Vorst Street between York Street and Grand Street have not been swept for over 6 months.
    It’s a one way street but I have witnessed cars traveling in the opposite direction on several occasions.Vehicles without zoning permits are usually parked on the street.Car owners with residential permits are not able to find parking.Please take note and remedy this problem.

  3. It’s about time Jersey City made something about this problem it’s been a problem going on for a long long time I’m a bike citizen and I like to write my bike on the bike lane people walk on it people Park on it people drive on it it’s very very hard to drive on the bike lane there’s so much trouble with people parking anywhere they want to I’m so glad that something’s starting to happen keep up the good work if people are doing very very good thank you so much.