Jersey City cop, Greenville resident: Shooting tragedy doesn’t define this community


A Jersey City police officer and Greenville resident recently sat down with some members of the Hasidic community and expressed that last week’s tragedy doesn’t define their community.

“I got the house over there and moved here by design. This is where I wanted to live and meeting all you guys over the last nine months, walking to and from work, everyday: I’m glad I did move into this community,” Police Det. Joe Cossolini said in brief remarks posted on Twitter.

“Whatever people say about the community itself, what happened the other day does not underscore what this community is about.”

According to Yousef Rapaport, who posted the video on his page, Cossolini was a neighbor of Mindy Ferencz, as well as a friend of Moshe Deutsch, two of the innocent victims killed in Tuesday’s gun rampage.

Cossolini also lost a colleague in Police Det. Joseph Seals, whose wake is today. The fourth innocent victim, Douglas Rodriguez, reportedly sacrificed his life so that a fifth shooting victim could make it out alive.

The incident, which is being investigated as domestic terror and a hate crime, has sparked questions about what can be done to try and heal some of the racial tensions that exist between the African American and Jewish communities in Greenville.

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