JCBOE Candidate Monica Kress talks teacher evaluations, addresses charter school criticism


Jersey City Board of Education candidate Monica Kress sat down with Hudson County View to discuss her candidacy.

Kress began by talking about her background in education, including her role in a charter school she founded in Newark, and if it posed a conflict of interest with being a member of the Jersey City Board of Education.

She followed up by mentioning some of the things she’s learned from operating a charter school, and ideas that she would like implemented in Jersey City Public Schools, including a more rigorous teacher evaluation system.

Finally, Kress talked about why public school parents shouldn’t be worried about electing her to the board.

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  1. How long were you a teacher? If you were so great why did you leave teaching? COLLABORATION is what is needed not more observations. What is the attrition rate at b your charter school?