In West New York, Roque teases rematch with Rodriguez in FB post: ‘your days are numbered’


In West New York, former Mayor Felix Roque is teasing a rematch with his successor, Gabriel Rodriguez, in a Facebook post chiding his administration about dirty streets: “your days are numbered.”

Then-West New York Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez and then-Mayor Felix Roque arguing back on February 21st, 2019.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“This is reality in my West New York City, New Jersey[.] The organization ‘New Beginning’ headed by Mr. Gabriel Rodríguez, present Mayor and who was Commissioner in my administration. I don’t think he learned to respect and care for the people. 😠,” Roque wrote in a Facebook post with three pictures of garbage in the streets last night.

“We can’t allow the disaster to continue in our beloved city. If they can’t do the job then I’ll have to take the Mayor’s position again. Your days are numbered. Put your batteries on and work for the people 🤬”

Roque, a pain management specialist who has bought and renovated a home on Park Avenue in Weehawken since getting bested by Rodriguez in 2019, told HCV the town is clearly “in turmoil” and he said he’s going to make sure that’s documented going forward.

“Every time they do something stupid I’m gonna post it,” he said, claiming he’s received more negative feedback about Rodriguez than he did about Sal Vega – the man Roque defeated to take the mayor’s seat in 2011.

“I know this is gonna get worse, he’s gonna have to raise taxes and yet they gave themselves a raise. They’re abusing the town. I knew this was gonna happen, I didn’t think it would be this quick. Is this is the new beginning, I can only imagine what the end looks like.”

Like Hoboken just did, West New York introduced an ordinance to increase their salary ranges last month, with second reading scheduled for the December 15th board of commissioners meeting.

Rodriguez’s “New Beginnings West New York” slate swept in 2019 after a bitter campaign, with Roque missing a spot on the board of commissioners by 674 votes, according to Hudson County Clerk’s Office.

Roque said that he hasn’t definitively made up his mind about May 2023 just yet, indicating that his private practice is thriving but ultimately said “I’m gonna do what the town tells me to do.”

Just over a year ago, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office announced they were attempting to revoke Roque’s medical license since he was paid $53,000 in “speaker’s fees,” along with travel and luxury hotel expense, in order to prescribe a pharmaceutical company’s cancer pain medication.

The case is pending and doesn’t appear to have an end in sight as of this writing.

Rodriguez couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on Saturday.

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  1. Roque is a piece of ****, the guy hired more felons on his payroll when mayor than Gotti. This guy is a vindictive son of a bitch who uses his director of police like a puppet to do his dirty work . His last director (Bob Antolos) was so corrupt and un loyal he had to quit and take crossing guard job so he could feed his wife and not have her cook because Roque would have thrown him under the bus. Roque should never get close to being the Mayor ever again unless you want a Federal investigation in town again!!!!