In Hoboken’s 1st Ward runoff, 4th Ward Councilman Ramos backs Presinzano


Hoboken 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos is backing 1st Ward council candidate Paul Presinzano is the non-partisan December 5th runoff election.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“In considering the challenges faced by the 1st Ward and the 4th Ward, which share Hoboken’s southern border, it is crucial for me to have a colleague on the City Council who will be approachable and prioritize the needs of our residents,” Ramos said in a statement.

“Paul Presinzano is committed to being accessible to the people of Hoboken and being an independent voice on the City Council.”

Ramos also acknowledged that Presinzano lost in 2021 when he ran for council-at-large, but said he did “quite well for a newcomer” and has remained involved ever since, adding that his plans for rat control, affordable housing, and quality of life will help all residents.

He further emphasized that the runoff will likely have even lower turnout than the November 7th election, where Presinzano secured about 48 percent of the vote compared to about 44 percent for Rafi Cordova, the chair of the rent leveling and stabilization board.

“This will be a close election, and every vote will count, so remember to encourage your family and friends to vote for Paul Presinzano as well,” Ramos concluded.

“The runoff election, on an off-date with an expected lower turnout, magnifies the weight of each vote, emphasizing the significant influence residents can have in shaping Hoboken’s future.”

His endorsement comes about 24 hours after 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino came out in support of Presinzano.

Cordova has the support of Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Council President Emily Jabbour, Councilman-at-Large Joe Quintero, and Hudson County Board of Commissioners Chair Anthony Romano (D-5), who is also Hoboken’s deputy director of public safety.

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  1. Cordova has taken over $15k worth of special interest money – he can no longer refer to himself as independent. His professional and educational profile, as viewed on LinkedIn is, shall we say, somewhat incomplete. These points have been made many times over the past 2 months and Rafi has not had much to say about them. What makes us believe he will be able to stand up to the Mayor and his henchmen when an important vote needs to be cast? I have no doubt that Paul Presinzano will stand up for his constituents and he deserves our support.

  2. Well, between this and Giattino’s endorsement, Paul is definitely a shoo-in. No way a candidate could possibly lose with that level of sheer unbridled political power behind them. Game over, Paul waltzes in.

    • The people who brought us corruption, firsts streets and high taxes are laughing now…
      Maybe Rafi and Roger can do some sound healing on them to help them from stealing

      • Mocking? Why would you think that? It’s common knowledge throughout Hudson County that Jen, Tiffany and Ruben are the political kingpin powerbrokers who call the shots. There’s no way in heck that Paul could possibly lose. Zero chance. None, nada. In fact, Atlantic City oddsmakers have each of those powerful endorsements EASILY adding at least 25% to Paul’s win, so he’ll clearly grab more than 80% of the vote, no problem. Congrats again, Paul.

  3. This ought to send the artisanal market minion over the friggin’ edge!
    Imagine – his little deal with the Bhalla Cartel is crumbling
    It’s falling apart faster than a beach hit in Colombia after a hurricane…
    Don’t worry Hoboken will be free of the Hardly show representative in a few weeks…
    Let’s hope he doesn’t shit himself after reading all the powerful endorsements

    Poor Mike, still pushing his delusions that he chose not to run…
    Sounds like another politician that announced the same thing yesterday….

  4. After the recent revelation that the storm surge protection Rebuild By Design project along the southern border of Hoboken with Jersey City has been blocked because Mayor Bhalla is unable to stand up to Mayor Fulop because of is personal agenda to move into County office.. Bhalla and his crew knew there was a problem but chose to hide it from the public and the members of the City Council he does not control.
    Giving Bhalla another puppet vote on the City Council is the wrong choice for the First Ward and all of Hoboken.

    Vote for Paul Presinzano

  5. Bhalla team and their owners in big development, construction and the wild nightlife industry were out in force this weekend supporting their puppet Rafi… sad he’s not smart enough to know he will have ZERO power
    Castellano, Bhalla and Russo Syndicate’s Rubber stamp