Hoboken 6th Ward Councilwoman Giattino endorses Presinzano in 1st Ward runoff


Hoboken 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino has endorsed 1st Ward council candidate Paul Presinzano in the 1st Ward runoff election on December 5th.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Casting a vote for Paul Presinzano gives you a strong advocate ensuring that your voice as a Hoboken resident is heard and prevents Mayor Bhalla from securing an automatic 5th and deciding vote on the City Council on issues that matter to the First Ward and across Hoboken,” Giattino said in a statement this morning.

Presinzano got about 48 percent of the vote in the November 7th election for a vacant seat with 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco not seeking re-election.

He defeated Rafi Cordova, who is endorsed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla, and Leo Pellegrini, the former city health and human services director. However, since he did not secure 50 percent of the vote plus one, him and Cordova will go head to head next month in a runoff.

“Spend time with Paul and it’s clear within minutes that he’s deeply committed to the First Ward. He is an effective communicator who proactively seeks out issues and works to solve them, demonstrating genuine concern for our community,” Giattino added.

Highlighting specific contributions, Giattino also noted that Presinzano has provided scholarships to Hoboken High School graduates, aided seniors and vulnerable neighbors during a water main break by purchasing and distributing water bags, and actively volunteers at the Multi-Service center for senior programming.

“The First Ward and Hoboken need a dedicated, diligent, and determined representative. We need Paul Presinzano on our council, fighting for you every day, as an independent and trustworthy advocate,” Giattino stated.

“Your vote and your voice matter. The runoff election on December 5th is poised to be a pivotal moment in Hoboken’s representation, with the potential to shape the direction of the City Council.”

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  1. Self titled “rent control leader ” Cheryl Fallick endorsed 2 out of 3 Council members supporting Paul Presinzano, so why isn’t she endorsing Paul ?
    Guess she trusts The Russo Cabal, The Bhalla Cartel and The Voices in her head more than Jen and Tiffany…
    And we can easily guess why she didn’t endorse Ruben Ramos…
    I’m sure it’s not because he’s Puerto Rican, even though He supports true affordable housing like Section 8, the Housing Authority and Veterans housing…
    Things that make Hoboken voters go Hummmm?