In Hoboken, Ciattarelli implores Republicans not to stay home: ‘This is a dead heat’ for likely voters


GOP gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli implored Republicans not to stay home with Election Day six days away, exclaiming “this is a dead heat” for likely voters.

“Guys, we are right there, okay? Amongst likely voters, this is a dead heat. We knew it would be close, that’s the way it goes. I don’t want anyone leaving here today, whose vested in this campaign and wants to see a change in New Jersey, thinking we can’t win,” he said on the microphone this evening.

“Here’s a couple of facts: in 40-plus years, no incumbent Democratic governor of this state’s been re-elected … and just as Joe Biden’s failing the nation and Phil Murphy’s failing New Jersey, every time a Democrat took the White House in that 40-year span: guess what New Jersey did the following year: elected a Republican governor. Guys, I’ll be damned if either of those two trends come to an end under my watch.”

While Ciattarelli was exuding confidence, Gov. Phil Murphy (D) certainly isn’t sitting back and relaxing, holding rallies with First Lady Jill Biden, former President Barack Obama (D), and House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

And although it wasn’t an official campaign event, President Joe Biden (D) headlined an event in Kearny on Monday, touting the Portal North Bridge Project and commending Murphy in the process.

Nevertheless, Ciattarelli appeared to remain unfazed, telling press afterwards that he continues to engage with the public, as he has for 22 months, and is confident the result that will yield.

Responding to questions from HCV, Ciattarelli addressed the Project Veritas video series where Wendy Martinez, Murphy’s senior adviser for Hispanic outreach, said that the governor planned to implement a statewide vaccine mandate after the election.

Last night, his office said there are no plans to do such a thing, but Ciattarelli remained skeptical.

“Well, it wouldn’t the first time the governor has said one thing and done another. So listen, if the Veritas video is accurate and true, the governor needs to come clean as to what his intentions are. I think as a candidate for governor, you need to tell people what you plan to do as governor,” he said.

“And a lot of people don’t trust this governor in that respect: they’re wondering what his plans are in regards to any vaccine mandate for adults and children and they want to know what his plans are for any economic lockdown – which would not go over well for the people fo New Jersey.”

Ciattarelli added that while he is vaccinated and encourages people to follow suit, he would not force anyone to do so.

As far as his school funding plan, which he has said needs reforms regularly throughout his campaign, he said  it would offer “flatter, more equitable distribution,” pledging not o have million dollar homes in New Jersey to pay less in taxes than a $400,000 home.

He said further details are on his website, though his education section does not have specifics regarding school funding.

And while two polls had Ciattarelli within six and four points of Murphy, respectively, the Monmouth University poll has the incumbent leading by 11.

Still, the challenger seemed to be undaunted.

“I don’t know why Monmouth continues to poll all registered voters when the turnout this year will probably be less than 50 percent. Amongst likely voters, this is a dead heat, and that’s where we’ve concentrated our energies, I’m very confident in the outcome after 22 months on the campaign trail: we’ll continue to do what we’re doing.”

The event was hosted by the Hoboken Republican Party and GOP Chair Joe Branco.

The New Jersey General Election is on November 2nd and early voting is underway through Halloween.

The full rally streamed live on our Facebook page and can be viewed here.

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  1. He’s gop this year? Does that expire in December to get ready for the 2022 elections? Always great to see a guy who will do anything to get people to like him finally buying a nice party for himself.

    • Branco as a business owner, father and living in Hoboken? No wonder he left the do-nothing, complain about all Democrat party that does not provide much but corruption and lies. I commend Branco for making his switch and it looks like the man is trusted because that crowd was big and backed by the blue. Be aware of the red wave heading right at Hoboken.

    • Joseph Branco has shown a great amount of leadership and has been a great mentor. It is a pleasure to work with him, as I did throughout May and June for his race to become Chairman of Hoboken Republicans. He holds a key to the city of Hoboken, with the businesses he was able to craft and tend during his career exclusive to Hoboken. Joseph understands how to organize and how to build foundation, the Republican party in Hoboken has already duplicated its efforts and created a new environment for Republicans, Independents and undecided voters. The best is yet to come, and Joe Branco is essential to the Republican party of Hudson County.

      Marcos Marte

  2. So, we’re to believe Phil Murphy won’t follow through on the international plan in countries across the globe will impose a tyrannical anti-science “mandate” on New Jersey, throwing people out of work and risking their health that most fend off or have ALREADY beaten off with Natural Immunity?

    Not buying it. Phil Murphy did exactly like Cuomo in NY and put infected seniors into nursing homes killing thousands. Then they pretended it was the fault of the nursing homes. Not buying for a second Phil Murphy would relent and protect American rights in New Jersey.

    Imposing an experimental injection for anyone under these circumstances is criminal but they’re trying to do it now to children, the strongest immunity of everyone. You think Phil Murphy is going to stop the record billions in profits of Big Pharma in NJ? Really?

    Don’t be a lab experiment in NJ, especially letting them use your children NJ.

    • ‘Rats rigging elections work when it’s in the close enough sweet spot for election fraud. Election Theft 2020 was a big success because of mail-in ballots, fraud-fueled drop boxes, Zuckbucks in the hundreds of millions “fortifying” and bypassing state election laws. Of course, those magical suitcases of ballots by van, hook, and crook added into the machines in the dead of night works every time.


  3. Joe Branco is the best Hudson County GOP city leader that I can remember. The rally was full of energy and well-orchestrated. It will help Jack break into this blue bastion. Haters gonna hate but to real Republicans Joe Branco is the man we needed!

  4. We finally have a GOP party in town, years have gone by with no activity and now that there are people ready to put in the work to build up the party, randoms start complaining, no doubt in effort to keep Hoboken a single party town.