In 1st executive order, Bhalla declares Hoboken ‘a fair and welcoming city’


In his first executive order, new Mayor Ravi Bhalla declared Hoboken “a fair and welcoming city” as many city officials and advocates applauded the action earlier this afternoon. 


“The Hoboken we know and love was built by immigrants and today is sustained by immigrants. Many of the immigrants who found a home in Hoboken sailed past Lady Liberty and her poem welcoming ‘your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,'” Bhalla said at the presser held inside the mayor’s office.

“This first executive order is a reflection of our quintessential American values and sends an unmistakable message that Hoboken is a place that welcomes all who are ready, willing, and able to contribute to our great city. We have challenges big and small to overcome in the years ahead, and we can only do that when our community works together in good faith towards a common goal.”

In February of last year, Union City and Jersey City were declared sanctuary cities, while West New York and Weehawken passed measures naming the municipalities “fair and welcoming communities” in May and June, respectively.

When Hudson County View asked Bhalla why he declared Hoboken a fair and welcoming community, as opposed to a sanctuary city, he said that sanctuary cities do not have legally defined terms and he wanted to write an order that was clear in protecting every resident regardless of race, nation or creed.

Furthermore, the mayor’s office said in a subsequent press release that the measure will mandate, among other things, “that local law enforcement resources will not be expended in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, and that the application of the law shall be equal irrespective of immigration status.”

Additionally, Bhalla later told the media that this legislative action would not deter the Hoboken Police Department from following the Attorney General guidelines on deportation, which were written in 2008.

Dignitaries in attendance were Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (both D-33), Councilmembers Jim Doyle, Michael Russo, and Emily Jabbour, Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante, Provisional Fire Chief Brian Crimmins, ACLU-NJ Executive Director Amol Sinha, New Jersey regional director of the Anti-Defamation League Joshua Cohen, as well as  faith leaders of the Hoboken Faith Clergy Coalition.

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  1. Instant left wing BS out of the gate. Let’s ignore Ravi’s lawbreaking for gatecrashers but better yet; just ignore any law he signs.

    He breaks US law, so no law applies. Anarchy rules!

  2. Sad to hear that Bhalla did not invite 6 of the city council members to attend. Thought I heard him say something about teamwork in his speech. Is teamwork a 1-way street?

      • Looks like the $100 per hour amateur paid political operative is at it already!
        Shill away in your cave.
        Maybe Ravi will find a palm card design to use as a straw reason to pay you
        Or was it a flyer or was it a poster
        Or was it a mailer ?
        They can’t keep a consistent excuse when they explain the large payment to a certain vicious cave dwelling hate blogger

      • Ruben Ramos replied to a tweet by Ravi Bhalla saying he would have liked to attend but he wasn’t invited. Everyone knows six council members weren’t.

        Ravi only invited the two on his ticket and Michael Russo. Ravi & Russo are best buds now. They had dinner and cut a nice deal.

        Did anyone notice even Russo’s dad, arch felon Anthony Russo had a VIP seat to the event yesterday? Whatever deal Ravi cut with the Russo Crime Family, it’s a big one. Sweet.

  3. I guess it was a missed opportunity for Tiffanie Fisher and Mike DeFusco to show unelectable how not racist they are. After all “Tiff” is the chair of the local democratic party.and Councilman DeFusco is gay and everyone knows democrats and gays can’t be racists.

    • One would be wise to not use his or his new deputy or assistant’s computers to blog
      Even using a cell phone on city time is OPRA-able if you’re on the clock or over city WiFi
      Could be quite embarrassing for the two young men just hired to drive Bhalla and pretend to be important people.

      • It would be wise not to make an idiot of yourself making inane threats while demonstrating your ignorance of both OPRA and the identities of other posters.

        But wisdom is in short supply these days among the small group of people who can’t accept that Hoboken’s voters chose Mayor Bhalla to lead the City.

      • fisher called him unelectable. being gay doesn’t exempt defusco from the same criticism all elected officials face. try to get thru two sentences without playing the race card or the gay card.

      • I’m not sure what satanic images you’re referring to but even more confusing is your apparent belief that such an image would have anything to do with his sexual orientation. Gay people can be racist and they can be evil. Not because they are gay but because their orientation makes them no better or worse than other people.

        While I wouldn’t call him evil, Mr. DeFusco has in my opinion shown himself to be immature, dishonest and nasty since being sworn in to the council in 2016. That has everything to do with who Mr DeFusco is but nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

        Got it now?