ICE agents arrest man in West New York following municipal court appearance


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested a man with “multiple prior convictions” who was “in the country illegally” in West New York this morning, according to an agency spokesman.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Alvin Phillips, a spokesman for the New Jersey ICE office, confirmed that they made an arrest this morning, though did not confirm any other information beyond the aforementioned details.

Three sources, who spoke under the conditions of anonymity since they aren’t authorized to speak on the matter, said the man was detained by ICE agents after a municipal court appearance in West New York.

The specifics of the man’s name, what charges he was answering in municipal court, or the vicinity of where he was arrested were not immediately available, though sources said he was detained in the immediate vicinity of Town Hall (where municipal court is located).

Sources also said this was not uncommon, as ICE has been making arrests in connection to municipal court appearances for over a year, long before Donald Trump was president.

This is also not the first time in recent memory ICE has been to West New York, as they exclusively confirmed to Hudson County View that they made “targeted enforcement actions” in the municipality last month.

Furthermore, at the West New York Board of Commissioners meeting last week, a resident asked his elected officials to to take a stance on the county’s controversial 287g agreement with ICE, asking for local police not to get involved with any deportation proceedings.


  1. Good, and please continue to detain the remaining as Union City and Wny area is booming with drunk, disorderly, unemployed and/or pregnant illegals.

    The entire concept of “sanctuary cities” is only hurt the tax paying citizens.

    Get naturalized.. or get out.

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