Hudson County Sheriff’s Office arrests 24 more alleged criminals in ‘Autumn Sweep’


The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 24 more alleged criminals as their “Autumn Sweep” continues, with charges spanning from kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and burglary.

Photos courtesy of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The Autumn Sweep initiative conducted by our office has taken 83 accused criminals off the streets in just a few short weeks,” Sheriff Frank Schillari said in a statement.

“When we allow these dangerous individuals to walk freely in our neighborhoods, the safety of every resident in Hudson County is at risk. We are making it clear each and every day that if you commit a crime in our community, you can run but you cannot hide.”

In total, the accused criminals were arrested for the following crimes: theft, aggravated assault, burglary, possession of controlled dangerous substances, failure to register as a sex offender, possession of false documents, neglect of a child, robbery, kidnapping, making terroristic threats and carjacking.

This latest sweep follows an October operation where the Sheriff’s Office arrested 38 accused criminals, which preceded a sting where 21 warrant arrests were made.

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