Hudson County fired 3 corrections officers last year, 1 kept job despite domestic charge


Hudson County fired three corrections officers who work at the county jail in Kearny last year, with another one keeping his job despite a domestic violence charge and eight more suspended, according to their annual major discipline report.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Corrections Officer Frank Madrid was fired after he “failed to return to work after an approved absence,” while CO Jasmir Floyd was terminated for being “observed communicating with inmates identified as high-level gang members and bringing them food from the employee dining room,” the report says.

CO Ely Brown was let go “for utilizing his cell phone while working,” while Sgt. Ryan Szper was poised to lose his job over a domestic violence incident, however, things ended up taking a turn in his favor.

“A Final Restraining Order (FRO) was granted by Bergen County Superior Court on October 22, 2022, prohibiting Szper from possessing any and all firearms making him unable to fulfill his duties as a Law Enforcement Officer,” the incident description says.

“Internal Affairs officers sustained charges against Szper for Domestic Violence. During the termination process, the FRO was vacated on September 26, 2023. Szper returned back to work on October 20, 2023 with his time recorded as unpaid administrative leave waiving all claims to backpay.”

The longest suspension of 90 days was issued to CO Estefani Ciriaco, who left his service weapon and ammunition “unsecured and unattendedĀ in a gym bag where an inmate
had access to it while assigned to the hospital detail,” according to the incident description.

“This occurred after being told by the supervisor to secure the firearm on the gun belt before leaving the jail facility.”

Furthermore, COs Lakia Gailliard and Juste Pierre were suspended for 45 days for very different reasons.

Gailliard was sanctioned for leaving a firearm unattended in the bathroom of the jail’s visitor lobby, while Pierre allowed inmates out of their cells without authorization, as well as using his cell phone during the inmate count.

Sgt. Timothy O’Conner received a 35-day suspension for using a racial slur when talking to another officer, while CO Bryan Gomez was suspended for 30 days after failing to report an inmate assault and/or render first aid.

Additionally, CO Jahnelly Eckkhardt took five days off that were not approved after getting the okay for a 60-days off via the Family and Medical Leave Act, CO Dario Medina left a gun and ammo in a county vehicle that inmates are transported in, and CO James Pagano used six vacation days that he did not have.

They all received 20-day suspensions for these separate infractions.

The two other county law enforcement agencies that must file annual reports, the sheriff’s office and the prosecutor’s office, suspended four officers in 2023, while the HCPO did not issue any major discipline, their reports say.

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