County Sheriff’s Office suspended 4 cops in 2023, including 2 who fought each other


The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office suspended four cops in 2023, including two who fought each other, one caught sleeping on duty, and another charged with possession child sex abuse material – which was publicized in June.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Sgt. Salvatore DiCiacco received a 30-day suspension after getting caught sleeping in the holding area of the Hudson County Courthouse, which was verified by fellow officers and a a picture of him “seated in a reclined chair with his eyes closed,” their annual major discipline report says.

In the unusual circumstances between Sgt. Antonio Lucia and Officer Bartholomew Lore, they were suspended for 180 and 150 days, respectively, after they got into a fist fight after an argument escalated while on duty.

“Sgt. Lucia, while on duty responded to a call for assistance of a non-working vehicle of a fellow Sheriff’s Officer patrol vehicle. Upon arrival to the scene a verbal dispute ensued between Sgt. Lucia and his colleague escalating into a physical altercation,” the incident description begins.

“Subsequently, Lucia was struck 3 times by his fellow Sheriff’s Officer [Lore] and in response he retaliated with a single punch, causing the officer to fall to the ground. As a result, Lucia was charged with Simple Assault and plead guilty.”

Finally, Det. William Medina was suspended for 206 days, consistent with Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari announcing he had been placed on leave and suspended without pay after being charged with with one count of possession of child sex abuse material.

“Detective Medina was criminally charged with Third Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child in violation of 2C:24- 4B(5). These allegations are the result of an investigation that uncovered Detective Medina possessed numerous images of child sex abuse materials,” the description explaining his suspension says.

The case appears to be ongoing, as there is no mention of him resigning or being terminated in the major discipline report.

As for the HCPO, they did not have any matters resulting in major discipline in 2023, according to a copy of their annual report.

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