Hudson, Bergen, Passaic/Statewide Democratic Chairmen preach unity, victory


Hudson, Bergen and Passaic County Democrats were all represented at the Hudson County Democratic Organization’s annual fall  fundraiser at the Casino in the Park in Jersey City. Assembly Speaker/HCDO Chairman Vincent Prieto, NJ/Passaic County Democratic Chairman John Currie and Bergen County Democratic Chairman Lou Stellato all gave speeches to rally the troops last night. 


“We have an election November 4 and you guys are what makes that happen,” Prieto told the packed house. “You are the ones that make us look good here. You are actually the Hudson County Democratic Organization.”

Currie gushed about the close working relationships he has built with his neighbors in Hudson and Bergen County.

“I’m honored to be here with my two brothers from Bergen County and Hudson County, we are truly a team working to bring good government and bringing services to each and every one of you, as Democrats, and to northern New Jersey community – and hopefully the state,” he said.

Stellato batted cleanup for the Democratic Chairmen, driving home the message of unity here up north.

“As far as Vinny Prieto … Vinny Prieto and John Currie, and myself and [Essex County Democratic Chairman] LeRoy Jones have made an amalgam. We’re Passaic, Hudson, Essex and Bergen – are now one. We’re unified, our legislators are unified, and you people can, rest assured, have the best representation in Trenton.”

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