Cribeiro, Betancourt say Roque lied about knowledge of WNY Super PAC


A former well-known North Hudson developer, Rolando Cribeiro, who finished serving a jail sentence for bribery in July, teamed up with West New York mayoral hopeful Carlos Betancourt to attack Mayor Felix Roque regarding the West New York Future Vision Super PAC.


Cribeiro made some strong allegations about the way building development projects in West New York are handled, noting that at least some of  the top contributors from the February 12 fundraiser are prominent developers.

Cribeiro also insisted that Roque has known indicted developer Victor Coca for decades, despite previous media reports to the contrary. Coca was arrested in May for allegedly bribing a fire code official to abate $8.73 million in building fines.

Betancourt, a retired police detective, brought Cribeiro’s participation in the West New York Future Vision Super PAC to the forefront back in February, so I asked why the sudden change of heart in regards to the once-notable north Hudson developer.

Town spokesman Pablo Fonseca responded to Cribeiro and Betancourt’s remarks, stating that “Mayor Roque had absolutely nothing to do with the Super PAC. In reality, it’s not even a Super PAC its a non-profit [organization]. [Roque] was invited to the Super PAC event as a guest speaker and that’s it. This is a legal matter so I have no other comment on this.”


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