Hotel & Gaming Trades Council endorses Cordova for Hoboken 1st Ward council


The Hotel and Gaming Trades Council is endorsing Rafi Cordova for the Hoboken 1st Ward council seat, praising his work as the Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board chair.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Rafi has shown us that he understands the challenges facing working people in Hoboken, including our members,” HTC President Rich Maroko said in a statement.

“A union member himself, Rafi has been doing great work for working families in his current position on the Rent Leveling Board. Rafi has proven that he’s a fighter, and more than that he is a leader. We are eager to see Rafi elected to the council and will be doing what we can to help him get there.”

HTC represents approximately 6,000 members in northern New Jersey and Cordova is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Cordova has also secured the endorsements of Mayor Ravi Bhalla and former 1st Ward Councilwoman Teresa Castellano as he looked to fill a vacant seat with 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco not seeking a third term.

The three-way dance could head to a December runoff, with Cordova competing against administration critic Paul Presinzano and former city Health and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini.

The non-partisan Hoboken City Council races are on November 7th.

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    • So what did Bhalla trade for the Russo Family support ?
      They have a long history of getting paid one way or another.
      One even has gone on to become convicted felon who when asked to pay his six figure court fines said he lost all his money gambling in Atlantic City.

      • Umm you mean like Mike Russo got control of the many millions of dollars in contracts to supersize the HHA and control of the list of who gets apartments.
        Bhalla ls again is not running anyone against Russo for his City Council seat.

  1. Nice that Life Coach Cordova is being endorsed by a Union that represents Casinos and running poor people into Debt!
    Then there’s the buildings with Air BnB’s circumventing Union Labor right under Raffi’s Nose and Above his head

  2. Too Bad Cordova is about authentic as the Rich Corinthian Leather in a 1975 Chrysler CordoBa…
    He has is everything a political boss seeks when they need a seat warmer, and Rafi is willing to be the happy idiot…
    Degrees, multiple languages and education cant help him run a Rent Control meeting

    He doesnt help anyone who is poor, the RC board barely gets through 2-3 applications per month.
    4000 RC apts…. It will be the next ice age before he even scratches the surface….. What a FRAUD.