Hoboken’s three charter schools opens lottery to accept new students through Jan. 6th, 2022


Hoboken’s three charter schools have opened their lottery process to accept new students through January 6th, 2022 at 5 p.m., they announced this morning.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

All three schools offer a weighted preference for Hoboken families who live in public or subsidized housing or receive public benefits. That means children from those families have three times the chance of getting admitted to the school.

The Hoboken Dual Language Charter School, known as HoLa for short,  was the first public charter school in the state of New Jersey to offer a weighted lottery preference back in 2015.

The dual-language Spanish immersion school, is committed to providing an exceptional education in Spanish and English to develop engaged, well-rounded bilingual citizens.

In addition to the weighted preference for economic reasons, HoLa also offers a weighted preference for students with limited English proficiency. HoLa has a K-4 elementary school at 123 Jefferson St. and a 5-8 middle school at 301 Garden St.

For more information about HoLa, visit holahoboken.org or call 201-427-1458 (K-4) or 201-222-0673 (5-8).

Additionally, Elysian Charter School, a K-8 elementary school, offers an interdisciplinary and project based learning environment. Elysian is located at 1460 Garden St. For more information about Elysian Charter School, visit ecsnj.org or call 201-876-0102.

Finally, Hoboken Charter School, a K-12 school, is a public charter school committed to social justice and service learning. The upper school is located at 711 Washington St. and the lower school is located at 713 Washington St.

For more information about Hoboken Charter, visit hobokencs.org or call 201-963-0222.

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