Hoboken’s ‘Independently Together’ council-at-large slate launches campaign website


Hoboken’s “Independently Together” council-at-large slate has launched their campaign website to outline their positions on local issues ahead of the November 2nd municipal elections.

The Hoboken “Independently Together” council-at-large slate, from left to right: Cheryl Fallick, Sheila Brennan, and Paul Presinzano.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Some positions mentioned on the website include expanding parking options, safeguarding taxpayers from unnecessary spending, allocating more resources to enforce traffic/street safety rules, and not accepting campaign contributions from developers and/or super PACs.

“For the past four decades, I have fought to address housing injustice, stood up to development that threatened our public waterfront, and have been a leading voice to preserve Hoboken’s rich history,” Fallick, who sits on the rent leveling and stabilization board, said in a statement.

“I’ve found great success in my advocacy because I believe in working collaboratively for what is right for all of Hoboken, and that is the same approach I will bring to the City Council.”

Brennan, who is also a member of the rent leveling and stabilization board, noted that Hurricane Ida significantly impacted her neighborhood, the latest example of why the city needs to work towards innovative solutions.

“Like many in our mile-square, my neighbors and I lost many of our belongings during the most recent rainstorm. These are no longer 50-year storms, they are plaguing our city multiple times a year,” she began.

“Our government needs to do more to help residents now and we can no longer settle for the same excuses. I have always advocated for my neighbors on quality of life issues important to them and when I am on City Council you can count on me to bring real solutions to the everyday problems we face.”

Furthermore, Presinzano noted that his finance background will help bring checks and balances to the council, along with making sure that budgets are balanced appropriately.

“As a finance professional, I bring a needed skill set to the City Council that will help ensure tax dollars are being spent wisely and that we are investing in programs that will positively contribute to our quality of life,” he explained.

“We need independent voices with new ideas to change how we look at important issues that must be addressed including expanding parking options, solving flooding issues, and broadening our recreation program to be inclusive for residents of all ages.”

The trio is the only full slate challenge to Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s ticket that consists of Council members Emily Jabbour, Jim Doyle, and first time council candidate Joe Quintero.

As a whole, the Independently Together team says they plan “to work with the mayor and his administration on all good policies, and change the direction on important issues that need better solutions in the best interest of Hoboken homeowners, tenants, and small businesses alike.”

The council-at-large races are the only show in the Mile Square City this election cycle since Bhalla is running unopposed for a second term.

Ian Rintel, Pat Waiters, Cindy Wiegand, and Manny Rivera are all running independently as well following some controversy regarding the ballot that a judge settled last week.

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  1. Democracy in action, good luck. I haven’t always agreed with Fallack over the years but respect her long commitment to fairer housing. I think the mayor has done a pretty good job, probably voting his slate right now but open to hear what these and other candidates have to say.

  2. No committee opened with NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission, no legally required “paid for by…” verbiage on their campaign web site. These are not rookies. Fallick, Fisher and Giattino know better. Incompetence or hiding who paid?


  3. Something here sure smells FISHy (and it isn’t my lunch ::meow::). Councilwoman Fisher is constantly pushing an honest and transparent government narrative and yet, she’s failed to file accurate ELEC reports herself and now she’s condoning her #AllWhiteTiffTik doing the same.

    Who’s really the #comfortablydishonest one?