Hoboken Ward 2 Council candidate Murray is ‘tired of the fractured politics’


Hoboken Ward 2 Council candidate Bonnie Murray says she’s “tired of the fractured politics” in the Mile Square City, which is part of what compelled her to run as an independent in the November 3 election. 


After explaining that her daughter, Melanie, and her son, Jackson, are enrolled in the Hoboken school system, Murray said that although she is a first time candidate, she has been a long-time advocate in Hoboken’s 2nd Ward – also noting that she has no political ties and is a true independent candidate.

As far as improving the ward goes, Murray actually agrees with one of her opponents, Tiffanie Fisher, in stating that Elysian Park needs to be better maintained.

On a positive note, Murray stated that the vast majority of 2nd Ward residents she’s interacted with are involved with the community and that’s a trend she’d like to continue and improve.

As she did at the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition debate, Murray also took a firm stance on the Monarch project, saying she opposes the developer building two residential towers as part of the design.

Murray again stressed that she is an independent voice when asked when Ward 2 residents should vote for her on November 3.

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  1. Nice job Bonny. We need more independent candidates to create an actual democratic process untainted by political alliances and backstabbing. Only through independence can the issues be addressed and the community at large served.

  2. Seeking win win political solutions that best benefit constituent groups diverse in opinion
    Is best practiced I believe by an altruistic person of great character sensitive to the
    needs of those she/ he represents. Such a person considers the needs of all the people
    she /he represents while working to realize the achievement of great goals that best serve the group and not simply a select few. A political system fractured is disabled and so fails
    to function. Consensus builders are needed to help heal its fractures- people politicians of sound independent mind and compassionate heart.Bonnie- You are a breath of fresh air,
    One such person with the ability and perserverance to bridge political divides ( fractures) and link them to heal- to truly function and perform in the best interest of Hoboken Ward 2 . Good luck in your campaign- the citizenry of Ward 2 and all of Hoboken will find their interest best served upon your election. Vote for Bonnie Murray- Ward 2 – Hoboken City Council