Hoboken to end indoor mask mandate Wednesday as COVID-19 rate of transmission plummets


The City of Hoboken will end their indoor mask mandate on Wednesday as the COVID-19 rate of transmission plummets through the state.

Photo courtesy of the City of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The city’s office of emergency management issued the mandate at the end of December due to an Omicron-related spike in cases, where OEM Coordinator Sgt. William Montanez said it would be lifted when the state’s rate of positivity hits five percent below for a week or the daily city case average falls below the weekly average of the cases in November.

The end of the mask requirement will take effect Wednesday, February 9th, with today marking the first time Hudson County’s positivity rate fell below 5 percent.

“Since the very first decision to shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, Hoboken has used science and data to guide decisions on keeping the public safe. In recent days, the numbers make it clear that cases are significantly falling in the region, which is welcome news,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“This data point, combined with Hoboken’s high vaccination rate, robust testing options, and low hospitalizations, make it possible for us to lift our indoor mask requirement. I thank the many residents and businesses who adhered to this safety precaution as we navigated through the Omicron phase of the pandemic.”

Local businesses and schools will have the option to implement their own mask policies, with face covering still required at municipal buildings.

The decision is not shocking, with New Jersey’s rate of transmission down to just 0.52 percent, according to the state Department of Health, and Gov. Phil Murphy (D) announcing this morning that he will lift the statewide school mask mandate next month.

“Although our mask requirement for indoor locations is currently coming to an end, it is still important to utilize the tools we have at our disposal to stay safe from COVID-19,” added Bhalla.

“COVID-19 remains a significant health risk for those who are unvaccinated, and I ask anyone who has not yet done so, to get vaccinated or boosted, and get tested if you believe you’ve been exposed.”

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  1. Midterms are coming! The Midterms are coming! And suddenly, all the anti-science mandates begin falling. Even as the CCP virus deaths climb to one million in the US. Last week, there were days of 3,000 or more US deaths but hey, it’s time to stop the damage to the Democrats. But how do they fix their successful fear-induced brainwashing of their voters. Walk around Hoboken and you will see people in their 20s and 30s walking around outdoors wearing face diapers in bitter cold. They must think the virus maintains its own nuclear reactor to keep warm or that it turns into a deadly ice popsicle. The tyranny and lies are not over. In Israel, they are seeing record highs in cases and deaths with a population is is well over 80% vaxed.

    This as so many other countries without the clot shot are seeing far less harm as they have made Ivermectin and HCQ therapies readily available. Not just as early treatments but actually made them available. In the US, early inexpensive and effective treatments were blocked. Now there are over 900,000 dead and Big Pharma with their loyal pal Tony Fauci sit on all-time record profits in the billions!

  2. For the whack a doodle ” activists” that have been calling into council meetings for a year demanding an end to the mask mandate, this must be such joyous news!

    They may now return to calling into council meetings to scream about 5G poles reading our minds, fake threats, computer scanners erasing rent control files, giant flood monsters, flying saucers over Stevens campus and a serpent swimming in the Hudson waiting to eat the next Kayaker.

  3. The crazies may now return to 5G pole mind erasers, giant tenant easting landlords , scanners that erase rent control files and trees in the park that talk

  4. Ravi wants everyone to know, your school can still retain the power of child abuse. One day, citizens, parents and these children will hold everyone who imposed this anti-science face diaper cruelty accountable. Soon.

  5. New York State just followed CT, NJ, DE and CA. The political mandates are collapsing sans the child abuse. Boy those teachers hate science and hate children even more. What fool wants to try and argue children are the super spreader virus threat killing the planet? What evil treachery!