Hoboken sets 2nd meeting on municipal complex to review alternatives for final design


The City of Hoboken has scheduled a second meeting on a new municipal complex to review alternatives for a final design after issuing a community survey earlier this month.

Screenshot via Zoom.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The meeting is set for Monday at the Fox Hills Garden, located at 311 13th St., between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., the city announced last night via a Nixle alert.

City officials and project consultants will review the project and will address community feedback provided at their March 16th meeting, as well as survey responses.

“The complex is envisioned to upgrade Hoboken’s outdated police and fire headquarters and department of public works garage into one, centralized facility, that could also provide community amenities including recreation facilities and an uptown branch of the Hoboken Public Library,” the alert says.

Initially touted as a public safety complex, the new municipal building, which would potentially be built at 1501 Adams St., preliminary plans also include a parking garage, a library, rec center, council chambers, DPW garage, among many other amenities.

The challenges with the plan largely involve Charles Poggi, who owns the Poggi Press site, who has spoken out repeatedly against the city’s plans.

While the city council approved the ability to use eminent domain by a vote of 5-4 earlier this month, they can’t proceed until a related $44 million bond ordinance is approved.

While the first reading of the measure passed 5-4 in February, it has been carried at the two subsequent two council meetings since then. In order for a bond to be approved, it requires six affirmative voted.

The city has called the project “a once-in-a-century opportunity,” while Poggi has continued to express this is a class example of the government bullying the little guy.

“I wish [spokeswoman] Ms. [Marilyn] Baer would stop deflecting and tell us the hidden part of the story – the part about how taking my property will benefit well-connected developers and, most importantly to residents, how much will the city’s monstrosity cost the taxpayers?,” he said in a statement last night.

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  1. More corruption on the way. Anybody wondering what developer has been promised the police and fire stations to build high rises?
    You can bet there’s another Bhalla back room deal brewing. Thanks Dawn!

  2. John- isn’t the City’s proposed building smaller than what Poggi is trying to push forward?

    I think it is bizarre that Mr. Poggi characterizes the City’s building as a “monstrosity,” when his proposal is even larger.

      • So Chris Z is wrong? Or lying. What a shocker. How about sharing a little about the monstrosities being planned for the current police station and fire station sites and who it’s promised to “Chris Z?” I’ll bet John would love a story about that.