Hoboken Police Department seeking public’s help to identify robbery suspect


The Hoboken Police Department is seeking the public’s help to identify a robbery suspect involved in an incident from last week.

Photos courtesy of the Hoboken Police Department.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We are seeking for your help [sic] in identifying the person pictured below. The individual was involved in a robbery on 11/17/2022 at approximately 7pm on the 800 block of Grand Street,” the Hoboken PD tweeted this morning.

“Please contact Detective Michael Losurdo at 201-420-2100 ex 3139 if you are able to identify.”

No additional information was immediately available.

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  1. Maybe the councilman cohen should focus on this instead of helicopters in another city. But alas, he doesnt care about his ward at all as evidenced by the multitude of things he has done against his ward.

    • yea like he can sit on top of a telephone pole with a telescope yelling at passers by not to commit a crime in his ward, just go two blocks over into the next ward. As long as its not in your backyard. You lost yet another frivalis claim. You just dropped your lawsuit agains Cohen and lost again with Story dispensary. Maybe you should look in the mirror and have your come to jesus moment.

  2. Thankfully this poor man was wearing a mask when he kindly requested a donation. I am concerned, however, that he was forced to beg at knifepoint without be able to properly social distance. Obviously we have a lot of work to with Critical Race Theory and, hopefully, reparations in the horrible country of ours! America sucks.

    I pray this young has received their Monkeypox booster and hopefully we provide her with the social work help he needs.

    And thank Krishna we lowered the speed limit to 20 MPH so that we can help feed the homeless.

    #ukraine #visionzero #criticalracetheory #ihateamerica