Hoboken police chief says most crime is down from 2017, sexual assaults dropped 33%


Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante said that crime is down in 11 of 13 reporting categories, highlighting that sexual assault has dropped 33 percent, homicide is down 100 percent and motor vehicle theft is up 19.2 percent. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“10 months into ’18, Sexual Assaults in @CityofHoboken are down 33%. I would attribute this to:crackdowns on con events,dedication of investigations by @HobokenPD & @HCPOProsecutor Investigators, presence of Uniformed officers at night,regional & national stance vs.sexual assault!,” Ferrante tweeted yesterday.

Early this year, Mayor Ravi Bhalla unveiled a public safety task force, which includes Ferrante and whose main goal is to curtail unruly bar crawls in the city.

The new concept appears to be working, based on noticeably less arrests at Leprecon and Halloween weekend.

“Of 13 Crime Reporting categories,crime in @CityofHoboken is down in 11 of 13 areas yr to date. Best is Homicide down 100% & worst is Motor Vehicle Theft up 19.2%, from 26 to 31. Two points, the MV theft issue is countywide and in the 1990s we used to have 750 car thefts per yr!”


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