Hoboken Planning Board approves bar and restaurant with golf simulator


The Hoboken Planning Board approved a bar and restaurant with a golf simulator, simply called Hudson Golf at 16-18 Hudson Place, at last night’s meeting.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

Their attorney, Jason Tuvel, explained that the project consists of a two-story building with “a golf club” on the second floor and a bar and kitchen.

“Parking is required as a result of this project. We have secured 17 spaces … at 77 Park … as part of the agreement,” he said.

Planning Board Commissioner Jim Doyle, also a councilman-at-large, noted that it appeared the plan had changed.

“We received the existing plans, but when we surveyed the space, we found discrepancies. I apologize,” architect Marco Giardina replied.

“The bar is on the first floor?,” Planning Board Chair Frank Magaletta asked.

“It’s on the second floor,” Tuvel answered.

“It’s strictly a foyer and some seating,” Giardina said about the first floor, noting that another tenant occupies space on the first floor.

“We tried to mitigate sounds as best as possible,” he added, also indicating there are partitions that separate the golf simulators

Giardina further explained they have a system designed to absorb the golf balls and a net to prevent them from going far.

“Would you consider a cinder block wall?,” Doyle asked to laughter.

“Where did we settle on the signs?,” questioned resident Manny Rivera.

He noted some controversy when the project appeared before the Historic Preservation Commission since the building is in a historic district.

“We took two signs off,” Tuvel said.

“Could you tell me how would a person with a disability … how do they get into this building? And how will they access it?,” Rivera continued.

“There is an elevator there. We could provide a temporary ramp to assist a person with disabilities in the three steps,” Giardina noted.

When asked about the particulars of the operation, managing member Hunter Waterman said he and his partner are avid golfers and wanted to have something closer to home.

“[My partner] Aaron and I are Hoboken residents. I’m an avid golfer, and it has been difficult being a golfer here in Hoboken. So, we wanted to create a place downtown,” Waterman said.

“The typical customer will book an appointment. They can book a half hour to up to four hours,” Waterman explained, adding that they could bring their own golf clubs and order food and drinks.

“We can accommodate up to eight people in a simulator bay. The screens are made of polyester. So, when it hits the screen, it’s able to absorb it. The side walls are made of carpet,” noted Waterman.

“Does the ball drop?,” Commissioner Anne Lockwood asked.

“Pretty much. We picture having really serious golfers there at seven in the morning when we open,” Waterman said.

“Have you seen this elsewhere?,” Magaletta asked.

“Yes, I’ve done it. There’s three in New York City,” Waterman replied.

“So, you’re basically copying them,” Magaletta said.

“Don’t get him in trouble,” Tuvel joked.

He said they would have special golf clubs made for the simulator.

“You’re not just hitting the white screen. There’s a projector. You can pick over 130 courses,” Waterman explained.

“Can you change the weather?,” Lockwood asked.

“Yes,” Waterman said.

Hudson Golf Director of Operations Chris Lowther said he had managed restaurants in Hoboken for 20 years.

“Just to clarify, you deliver,?” Magaletta asked

“Sure. Absolutely. We are a restaurant,” Lowther answered, adding that it would be a relatively quiet place.

Furthermore, Lowther said the steps were grandfathered in as a historic building. They have a fold-up ramp they can use if a disabled person would like to enter.

Planner Spach Trahan noted it is in a historical district, as well as that the building is being refurbished to absorb sounds.

“No residential uses are adjacent,” Trahan said, adding that there is no school within 500 feet of their bar.

Waterman said the current tenant is a production content studio.

“The existing platforms are said to be non-compliant,” Doyle said about the building’s exterior.

“If the applicant wants outdoor seating, they can make an application to the zoning board,” Magaletta noted.

“With regard to the outdoor deck … platforms are not part of the application. Why historic stuck their nose into this is questionable,” Doyle asserted.

“I agree the conditions have been satisfied. I think it’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood. have no problem with the signage proposed,” Magaletta said.

“As long as they don’t kill the gophers,” Doyle joked.

The measure ultimately passed unanimously (5-0).

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