Handler in Hoboken: We don’t need a gov that kisses Trump’s ass


Comedian, TV Show host and New Jersey native Chelsea Handler said she doesn’t want to be associated with a governor who “kisses Donald Trump’s ass” during a rally for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy on Sunday.

Handler, who grew up in Livingston, made an appearance at Birch in Hoboken Sunday night in a joint effort between the Murphy campaign, the Hudson County Young Democrats and Blue Wave NJ.

Citing vetoes on bills such as $15 minimum wage, smart gun regulations, equal pay for women and automatic voter registration as reasons why she didn’t support Gov. Chris Christie or Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, both Republicans, Handler said it’s time to realize that times are changing – in her own unique way.

“They vetoed transgender birth certificates. That is a community that we all need to stick up for. This community is so important and as this community grows, as our country grows, we’re getting browner and gayer,” Handler said in a room full of about 75 Millennials.

Handler, who said last year that a Trump presidency would be “the end of our civilization,” couldn’t resist taking a shot at Christie and the president before calling it a night.

“I don’t want to be associated with a state, with the governor of a state, who is friends with Donald Trump and kisses Donald Trump’s ass, I want somebody whose gonna stand up to Donald Trump,” exclaimed Handler.

A hallmark of Murphy’s campaign has been having “a steel backbone” when dealing with the Trump administration, vowing that New Jersey Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program recipients won’t be deported and to declare NJ a sanctuary state.

Guadagno, a former sheriff and prosecutor, has declared that she’ll do the opposite if elected, making the Garden State a strict enforcer of federal immigration laws.

The gubernatorial contest, where Murphy is a heavy favorite in the polls, will be decided on November 7th.

The full program from Sunday’s campaign rally can be viewed below.


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