Hoboken mayor urges residents to get COVID-19 booster and flu shot before Thanksgiving


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla is urging residents to kept their COVID-19 booster and flu shot ahead of Thanksgiving on November 24th, with a local clinic available on Tuesday.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday and gather indoors with friends and family, I encourage everyone to take the steps we know will help keep us safe: get the updated booster and seasonal flu shot,” Bhalla said in a statement.

“Thank you to Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding for the continued partnership to host these clinics for our residents.”

The clinic will be held on Tuesday, November 15th, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 605 Jackson St. Eligible residents may elect to receive either one of or both the updated COVID-19 booster and the seasonal flu vaccine at the clinic.

The clinic will provide updated COVID-19 boosters to eligible individuals 5 years old and older who received their COVID-19 vaccine or booster at least two months ago.

The updated boosters protect against both the original COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variants. Residents 5 years old and older will also have the option to receive the seasonal flu vaccine.

To make a required appointment for either the flu vaccine, updated COVID-19 booster, or both, click here.

Residents will need to book two separate appointments if they want both the flu vaccine and the updated booster, but Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding will administer both shots at the same time during either appointment time.

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  1. Ravi can kiss my rear end. Is he getting a kickback like so many others in and out of government from Big Pharma?

    Anyone taking the killer clot shot at this point must be completely unaware of how the eight mice it was tested on are doing (dead) or is eager to fulfill Darwinian law.

    Yet another new international study; it’s damning:

    • So absolutely no data or articles about the people of Hoboken you are pontificating to? They’re all vaccinated with the “killer clot shot.” When should we expect them to start dying in mass numbers?

      Dredging garbage off substack is = “I have no sources that would pass a smell test.”

      • You’re dismissing a top global virologist who has been one of the few scientists who has been correct about the pandemic and jabs all along.

        The injuries and deaths due to the mRNA experimental shots are not being examined in the US. They are most definitely not over. People continue to drop dead “suddenly” and the health problems are not going away. It’s under investigation in Europe but the suppression continues here. Who is suppressing the actuary data excess deaths and VAERs injuries here? Which political party would that be?

        You can believe Hoboken is immune. This very news site just covered this week another apparent victim of the clot shot. People of all ages are just dropping dead “suddenly” for no apparent reason.

        In Florida, the state surgeon general is urging young men not to get the experimental injection. Pfizer and Moderna have been forced to finally begin looking at the myocarditis heart damage. Denmark and other countries have blocked further mRNA jabs for most of their population.


        • There is absolutely no mention in that article or anywhere else of Captain Jamolawicz death being tied to the covid vaccine. But go ahead and use his and his family’s personal tragedy to further your political agenda. What a scumbag. Fortunately people don’t rely on idiots like you for information. Unlike you, they have relationships and children to think about. They do their homework and the real facts in Hoboken speak for themselves. You only speak for discredited quacks on telegram and haven’t got a single Hoboken fact you can mention.