Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla to deliver fourth State of the City Address on Monday


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla will deliver his fourth State of the City Address on Monday and it will be streamed live on the city’s Facebook and YouTube page.

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla during his 2022 State of the City. Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The virtual address to the public will be broadcasted on Hoboken’s Facebook and YouTube pages, and will discuss various projects and initiatives in the City of Hoboken,” city spokeswoman Marilyn Baer said in an email. She did not go into any specifics.

The address will begin at approximately 8 p.m. on Monday, March 20th and neither a Facebook and/or YouTube account is needed to listen to the speech.

The Hoboken Facebook page is here and their YouTube page is here.

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  1. will he address the so far failure of the new recreation program? pat waiters shouldn’t have had to come yell at the council wednesday. tiffany shouldn’t have to say we need parent committees. we’ve been promised more programs and arts programs and things for teens in summer for over 7 years. the mayor said he would revitalize recreation and at the meeting we saw failures. parents who can afford it will drive to stilton because the city is not providing swim lessons through recreation like other city’s. we pay our city officials like the council president to advocate for our kids and instead they drive to camps an hour away. why are we paying for them to do that when we don’t have cars and want programs at a reasonable rate in town for summer? i hope the mayor announces a real recreation revitalization and not just the new webpage and 2 sports. we have art in the park for kids 1-3 what more about for older kids this summer? stop forcing the schools to do the city’s and new director’s job. so far she hasn’t done anything innovative at all. prove us wrong. my opinion stands and it’s not mine alone. no more committees and surveys, summer is 3 months away, let’s go.

  2. Will the public ever be allowed to ask this man some unfiltered questions? If this is going to be another 29 minute monologue/propaganda piece without any mention of what is not going well and how we might course correct- why bother? Every major project involves a lawsuit – why is that? Why don’t we have a new recreation plan? What is our plan for the growing homeless population? Why are we planning 6 dispensaries when other Hudson County municipalities are planning 0-2? What do we believe Hoboken’s population will be in 5 years? What will it cost to run the City at that time? Why did we find out about this State of the City just 5 days in advance? The people of Hoboken deserve better than what we are getting from our elected officials.

  3. Maybe the public can’t but the press can and I for one would definitely like to see HCV ask the first three questions you posed and not just take boilerplate answers, but keep asking. The homeless they at least said they hired 2 people a few weeks ago so that may need time but I’d still like to know the plans, personally .