Hoboken Mayor Bhalla re-elected in unopposed contest, sweeps council-at-large race


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla was re-elected in an unopposed contest and swept the council-at-large race decisively, according to preliminary tallies from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office.

From left to right: Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Council-at-Large candidate Joe Quintero, Councilwoman-at-Large Emily Jabbour, and Councilman-at-Large Jim Doyle. Photo courtesy of the Team Bhalla campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“This was an overwhelming victory tonight for Mayor Bhalla and the Team Bhalla at-large Council slate of Councilwoman Emily Jabbour, Councilman Jim Doyle and Joe Quintero. Hoboken voters sent a message that they strongly approved of the performance, policies and new proposals of Mayor Bhalla and his Council Team,” said Team Bhalla campaign spokesman Rob Horowitz.

“Team Bhalla thanks Hoboken voters for the strong mandate they provided – one that will create momentum for leading Hoboken forward. Team Bhalla congratulates all the Council opponents for their hard work and the good campaigns they ran.”

Bhalla got 8,170 votes, with Jabbour leading the council team with over 5,282. Doyle and Quintero were both hovering around 5,000.

Quintero will replace Councilwoman-at-Large Vanessa Falco, who decided not to run again in favor of directing a new housing division with the city early next year.

Their slate challenge came from the “Independently Together” team of Cheryl Fallick, Sheila Brennan, and Paul Presinzano, who had support from Council members Mike DeFusco (he endorsed Presinzano), Tiffanie Fisher and Jen Giattino (who backed the whole slate), but were unable to force a runoff after losing nearly 2-to-1.

Ian Rintel, Pat Waiters, Cindy Wiegand, and Manny Solar Rivera all ran as independents are were a ways off from striking distance.

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      • Congrats to Fisher-Giattino Alliance who promoted an outstandingly pathetic losing slate of fringe candidates who even with their backing was not able to garner many votes from the Hoboken electorate.

    • Back in the day, we know the Hoboken Reform Movement pointed fingers at Old Hoboken and decried corruption. Things have changed. We have to protect Ravi even though it’s widely known he knew all about the Terror Flier and its design to help him win in 2017. We accept Ravi as he’s more challenged then Dawn. Now we have to champion Ravi for Congress. That’s who we are now. Russo is with us and we are united.

      • It’s full-on cuffing season for Josh and the Lyme Jockey in their cozy basement. They’re wearing matching We Hate Ravi t-shirts while eatin’ SpaghettiOs, drinkin’ chocolate mile, watchin’ Fox News, and believin’ people care what they say.

  1. Well well well. It appears the nonstop “corruption/terror flyer” strategy from the all-knowing, highly influential ex-blogger (“on hiatus”) political kingmaker was a resounding success…oh, wait a minute.

    Reality bites.

    • Luckily, Josh and the Lyme Jockey don’t pay any taxes on Josh’s dog walking income and just enjoy evenings at home in their cozy basement eatin’ SpaghettiOs, drinkin’ chocolate milk, watchin’ Fox News, and believin’ people care what they think.

  2. This election was a referendum on the mayor and on the records of incumbents. It was also a message that the people want civil discourse for m Council members and a spirit of cooperation between Legislative and Executive branches, not the endless petty bickering and strident press releases and whiny Tweets. It was also a message that these message board comments don’t move the needle.

  3. Quintero will replace Councilwoman-at-Large Vanessa Falco, who decided not to run again…

    …as she was given a job by Mayor Bhalla so he could obtain a majority in city council.”

  4. Let’s all give Councilmembers DeFusco, Fisher and Giattino a roaring round of applause for doing their part in helping to ensure Team Bhalla swept the election! BITTER certainly made #OurHoboken City Council BETTER.

    Speaking of bitter, let’s also give Failure Fallick a round of applause for being the epitome of a sore loser with today’s concession tweet. ICYMI: “My congrats to the winners. As to everyone that will inevitably be displaced in the coming months & next couple of years, my sincere apologies. I’d hoped to keep you safe in your homes to the best of my ability – but, it wasn’t meant to be. It was already too late.”

    • Geez, glad such an unprofessional, immature, petty person never made it anywhere close to winning a seat on the council. That’s pretty rich, coming from a real estate agent. How stupid does she think people are?

      Yes, bow down before Fallick the Housing Martyr! All hope is lost without her, only SHE could have saved renters.

    • What a maroon. Hoboken residents should really worry about displacement by luxury condo realtors like Cheryl Fallick. Fallick profits from redevelopment of Hoboken rentals to luxury condos, her sales line developers pockets. Cheryl Fallick had no interest in restoring Constituent Services, which fed Hoboken seniors, helped find employment and housing, and provided much needed services to Hoboken’s most vulnerable residents. Cheryl has quite the saviour complex.

    • If Rent Control Board Chair Cheryl Fallick and her sidekick commissioner Sheila Brennan took their sworn role properly they would have held meetings during the pandemic. They proved to the residents a few things, number one is there is no large threat to current rent control tenants ( many who make more money than HHA residents and have second homes ) and two they didn’t really care about their jobs, if Fallick didn’t have a working laptop, she could have sat with another commissioner ( such as her running mate — They certainly met a lot during the pandemic selling condos and leasing market rate rentals.)
      Now both she and Sheila are all of the sudden upset about missing an board attorney–but still failed to mention it until after the election.
      These two aren’t Left, they aren’t socialists , they aren’t sincere… they ARE SELFISH

    • Agreed. Cheryl is Hoboken’s own Nostradamus. Centuries from now folks will be clinging to her prophesies and marvelling at the wisdom of this humble, wise, prescient and extraordinarily classy woman.

      It’s a shame the evil Bhalla and his satanic followers have successfully bamboozled voters with their nastiness and dishonesty causing even noble and courageous public servants like Jenn and Tiff to cower in fear rather than risk humiliation to save our City and defend the displaced.

      I fear we have nowhere left to turn. Please Cheryl. Keep up the fight. Don’t let them win. Jenn and Tiff let us down, but no ordinary mortal could stand up to the evil forces you faced with such valor. I know you never will.

      That’s why the ex