Hoboken & Lyft adding 24 more Citi Bike docking stations on River Street


The City of Hoboken and Lyft are adding 24 more Citi Bike docking stations, roughly a 19 percent increase, on River Street near First Street.

Photo courtesy of the City of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On Thursday, August 17th, Lyft will install the new docking station on River Street near First Street, increasing dock count in the terminal area from 127 to 151.

“We’ve heard from residents about the need for more docks near Hoboken Terminal, and I’m glad to share that we are adding a station to help meet this demand,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“The new station will help us create a more reliable bike-share network, and ensure more residents have the access they need when they utilize the program. Thank you to our partners at Lyft for working with my administration to improve access to Citi Bike.”

Since Citi Bike expanded into Hoboken in May 2021, there have been 850,624 trips in Hoboken, and in the last year alone, ridership has grown 22 percent from the previous year.

60 percent of trips begin and end at the existing four docking stations within a 5-minute walk of the terminal. These 127 docks, which occupy the same amount of curbside space as 13 parking spaces, accommodated about 255,000 trips in the last year alone.

“Citi Bike ridership in New Jersey is breaking records this year,” added Citi Bike Associate General Manage Patrick Knoth.

“Citi Bike has become the link that connects Hoboken residents with the ferry and PATH train, and riders are increasingly seeing it as the best option for a fast, easy and sustainable trip to the other side of the Hudson and back.”

This month, Lyft will also move the Citi Bike station from Adams and 11th Streets to Adams and 12th Streets near ResilienCity Park.

The Citi Bike program in Hoboken, which will include 30 docking stations with 675 docks once the new docking station on River Street is installed, is part of the larger Citi Bike system that also serves parts of Jersey City and New York City.

This includes more than 1,900 docking stations offering 30,000 bicycles to users systemwide. Since 2021, Citi Bike riders have taken 2,007,302 trips across Hoboken and Jersey City.

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