Hoboken Health & Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini resigns after 14 years of service


Hoboken Health and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini has resigned today after approximately 14 years of service, city spokeswoman Marilyn Baer confirmed.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Baer did not immediately respond to questions as to why Pellegrini resigned, while Pellegrini declined to comment when reached on his cell phone this afternoon.

According to Baer, the city will conduct a search for a new Health and Human Services director in the coming weeks.

In the interim, Health Officer Nancy Tarantino will serve as the head of the Division of Health, Supervisor of Senior Citizen Activities Tom Foley will serve as the head of Senior Services, and Cultural Affairs Administrator Geri Fallo will serve as the head of the Division of Cultural Affairs.

Former Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who hired Pellegrini, thanked him “for his tireless service” and credited him for spearheaded several initiatives during her administration.

“I want to thank Leo Pellegrini, director of Health & Human Services, for his tireless service to the City of Hoboken. His unwavering commitment ensured the upgrade of nearly every Hoboken park, the completion of Hoboken’s 9/11 Memorial, and most importantly helped ensure Hoboken residents remained safe through Super Storm Sandy,” she said this evening.

“While the full list of his accomplishments is too long to list, he is an extraordinary public servant and his numerous contributions benefited nearly every Hoboken resident. I wish him the very best in the next chapter of his life.”

The city council has a closed session agenda item before them this evening to discuss a personnel matter.

Their public session convenes at 7 p.m. this evening at 94 Washington St. and will also stream on the Hoboken Facebook and YouTube pages.


Editor’s note: This story was updated with a comment from former Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. 

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  1. Ravi ejected him to bring in another incompetent Ravibot. Hey Dawn, Ravi just urinated on your director and broke the deal. You did this to Hoboken.

  2. Zimmer has only themselves to blame. She and Stan anointed Ravi, Now Jabbour, Doyle, Cohen( Mason ExPat ) and CAPs News Joe Q are pointing this plane straight into a mountain.

  3. Leo always struck me as a stand up guy who was working for Hoboken for the right reasons. Even though I’m far from Hoboken at the moment I wish Leo the best and Hoboken is worse off for losing him.

    Leo all the best, and thank you.

    • Hoboken is better off without Zimmer and the planning board misfires that lead to the Monarch disaster, the and Muni Garage mess and lets not forget that infamous lunch with Mr Garcia and the shadow mayor….

      You and other immer cult members blew through Hoboken after brief tenures offering public service but the scars are still there.
      Stay in the burbs, and enjoy your giant carbon footprints

      • Ahh yet another old guard Cammarano, Russo* woeshiping insane hate post. Have to wonder how much of it is based on anti-semitism and sexism or just that the loss of their access to the old guard gravy train.

  4. This guy amassed power over the years and lived too well to be a simple public servant. I suspect he has dirt on some of these politicians so he got away with it for too long.

  5. Wasn’t his office raided recently for embezzlement? Leo is the President of Hoboken Futball Club which just got kicked out of Hoboken because Leo embezzled and didn’t pay Hoboken 73k for the use of the soccer fields.