Hoboken Dual Language Charter School’s STEM teams take home statewide honors


The Hoboken Dual Language Charter School’s (HoLa) STEM teams took home statewide honors at competitions held last month.

Photo courtesy of the Hoboken Dual Language Charter School.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The Elementary School Science Olympiad team took several first-place honors in the South Hunterdon RHS tournament, placing first in the Balloon Powered Vehicle, Bottle Music, Rubber Band Catapult, and Cool It For Today during the first week of March.

The team also took third place honors in Egg Drop, Newspaper Towers, Chopper Challenge & Aerodynamics. HoLa ranked 3rd overall in the competition.

Earlier in March, the Middle School Science Olympiad team qualified for the NJ State Finals Tournament, earning a 1st place medal in Road Scholar competition and 5th place in Write It/Do It.

At HoLa, students learn core subjects in two languages since research has shown that bilingualism extends students’ cognitive abilities and improves their performance in subjects that require creative problem solving, like STEM.

Additionally, HoLa students begin STEM instruction in 4th grade. Under the coaching expertise of HoLa’s long-time STEM teacher, Steven Romero, students have the opportunity to compete in a variety of Science Olympiad competitions throughout their school years.

These competitions also allow students to practice presentation skills, teamwork, and of course, STEM research and practice.

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