Hoboken continues to scale back free visitor parking, new paid parking zones coming


Hoboken continues to scale back free visitor parking, new paid parking zones will be implemented tomorrow, the city announced. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Tomorrow, October 1st, the city will restart the rollout out of its visitor side metered parking zone expansion to convert the four-hour “visitor sides” of permit zones (white sign with green text) into four-hour metered parking zones, a city spokesman said.

Residents and all others with valid parking permits (including visitor hang tags) will be able to continue to park for free for an unlimited amount of time in the new zones.

Additionally, vehicles without permits will still be permitted to park for four hours (the same as before) but will now be required to pay a fee.

As part of the rollout, the city will be piloting the use of mobile payment zones in lieu of having physical parking meters. Mobile payment zones will be identified by Parkmobile signage.

According to the City of Hoboken’s official Twitter page, the rollout will start between 8th and 13th Streets between Washington and Bloomfield.

Officials cite the following as advantages of the new system:

• Parking session expiration reminders via text message, email, or push notifications

• Ability to remotely add more time to a parking session without having to walk back to a meter

•Ability to store up to five license plates in the Parkmobile app, so you never have to worry about memorizing your license plate again

• A record of your parking session transaction history is kept, which is good for record keeping and also helpful in the event of a parking ticket dispute

• Promo codes for discounted parking can be offered during special events and holiday seasons

Furthermore, officials say mobile payment zones have the potential to save millions of taxpayer dollars by allowing meters originally purchased for the visitor side metered parking zone expansion to be used to replace existing meters throughout the city that are nearly defunct.

A FAQ prepared by the city can be viewed here.

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  1. Nice. Now it’s even tougher to find parking in Hoboken – but much easier to get a ticket or boot. I used to like coming to Hoboken, but now I’ll find somewhere else to spend my time and money.