Hoboken business owner Karen Nason submits 420 mayoral petitions


Hoboken business owner Karen Nason submitted 420 mayoral petitions yesterday, making it clear that she plans on being on the November 7th ballot.

Nason, who announced she’d be running for mayor on February 22nd, released a campaign video explaining why she plans on staying the course.

“I decided to take a stand for our city when it was just myself against the united Zimmer-ite machine because the policies that lead to the betterment of our city should always be above political considerations,” she said in the video.

“Today, I doubled down on the line I drew in the sand: the claimants to the Zimmer throne are many and monied, but they are light on policy other to say that they will be more Zimmer than Zimmer.”

She further states that the empty storefronts, water main breaks, deplorable roads, among other things, are unlikely to be fixed by Council President Jen Giattino, Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla or 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco – who are also seeking the mayor’s seat.

Giattino and DeFusco have also already submitted their petitions for nomination.

Nason, who owns Hoboken Hothouse, is considered a long shot candidate since she is one of the few mayoral hopefuls that is not currently or previously in office and has failed to stay competitive with fundraising.

Nevertheless, Nason maintains she is the breath of fresh air candidate who has no ties to the administration and is willing to bring new ideas to the Mile Square City.

“If you want a mayor who is Republican, unafraid to say it, and unafraid to work with everyone to fix out city, then join our campaign. As a single mother, who raised a son on our own, I understand the parental inclination to protect our future,” she stated.

“But City Hall is not our parent and we residents and voters of Hoboken are not children to be treated as such. This paternalistic and regressive attitude led to shrinking rental stock, bike lanes and the expense of parking spots, taking on debt and a City Hall that has stood down, rather than stood up, to county taxes.”

Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) and local activist Ronald Bautista have also declared their candidacy for mayor, but neither drew the ire of Nason in her campaign video.

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  1. When is she doing the bait n switch to Stick as his council slate running mate? Isn’t Her partner Romano’s treasurer and she’s the toxic avenger’s BFF