Hoboken Assemblywoman Chaparro wants to ‘let the voters decide on any political future’


Hoboken Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro (D-33) said she wants to “let the voters decide on any political future,” also noting that she wants to focus on this legislative session before potentially picking a fight.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“After re-districting, it became clear that politicians would be jockeying for position, as expected. Despite discussions swirling around the political rumor mill, my plans are to continue in this position and let the voters decide on any political future,” she said in a statement.

“I’m not naïve to the games that are played in Trenton – I’m in my fourth term as a representative from Hudson County – I know how it works. However, I believe it’s extremely premature to begin playing these power games when we barely started this legislative session. I don’t think it’s fair to the residents who just elected us to look beyond this term right away.”

First elected in 2015, Chaparro was again re-elected by a huge plurality last year running on the Hudson County Democratic Organization line with state Senator Brian Stack, also the Union City mayor, and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji in the 33rd Legislative District.

Unexpectedly, this year’s redistricting process put Stack and state Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) both in D-33.

Sacco has since announced he would not challenge Stack, as HCV first reported, as North Bergen Commissioner Julio Marenco has emerged as an Assembly candidate. He would replace Assemblyman Pedro Mejia, of Secaucus.

Additionally, West New York Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez is likely to replace Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez if outgoing U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) decides to run for mayor again.

Back in the new D-32, Mukherji has already received a ton of establishment support, including Gov. Phil Murphy (D) to become the next state senator.

Earlier today, he told the New Jersey Globe that he’s meeting and interviewing potential assembly candidates, which has evidently rubbed Chaparro the wrong way.

While she isn’t committed to running again next year, she emphasized that her seat should continue to have Latina representation.

“If for some reason I do not run, I am committed to ensuring that Latina representation remains in Trenton coming from our District,” Chaparro explained.

“Hispanics and Latinos make up 40% of Hudson County’s population (according to 2020 Census Data) – I intend to ensure that representation of this community remains in Trenton – whether it’s me or someone else. We need female elected leaders. We need Latina elected leaders. We need diverse voices representing a diverse community.”

She continued that even if Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Mukherji decide to go in another direction, she owes it to the voters/her constituents to focus her efforts on this legislature session since she will be in office until at least January 2024.

“I didn’t wish to address this topic at this time, as I believe it’s way too early to have these discussions, but given conversations out of my control that are occurring in the political arena, I wanted people to hear directly from me instead of the rumor mill,” she concluded.

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  1. You should run for County Commissioner!! We need you to help the residents of Hoboken instead of helping yourself like Romano!

    You are a real Hobokenite! ❤️❤️