Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Cohen receives support of Hotel & Gaming Trades Council


Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Phil Cohen has received the support of the Hotel and Gaming Trades Council for his re-election bid next month.
By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We are so proud to be supporting Phil in his reelection campaign. The past four years have presented unique challenges, to say the least,” HTC President Rich Maroko said in a statement.

“At each turn, Phil has proven his commitment to improving the lives of working families in Hoboken. He has been a champion for our members. We have supreme confidence in Phil, and will be doing all we can to make sure he stays on the council.”

HTC represents approximately 6,000 members in northern New Jersey and just backed 1st Ward council hopeful Rafi Cordova, who also has Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s endorsements, last week.

The group also came out for Bhalla and his council-at-large running mates in November 2021, though they also backed Rob Menendez for the 8th District congressional seat last year, which could make for an interesting dynamic with Bhalla expressing interest in the seat.

Cohen, the only member of the mayor’s ticket to get elected in 2019, is seeking his second term in the non-partisan November 7th election against Liz Urtecho in key matchup to see who will have the council majority in 2024.

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  1. Gee could that endorsement be to rattle the decay off of delayed 5th and 1st Wards’ hotel projects? ‘At each turn, Phil has proven his commitment to improving the lives of working families in Hoboken. He has been a champion for our members.’ I’d like examples bc at least 3 times Phil has thrown is constituents west of Willow under the bus. Large blocks of voters will never vote for him again after what he supported.

    • Translation we fund Bhalla and tell him what we want and Bhalla funds Cohen tells him what we want.

      Voting for Liz Utrechto.
      An independent voice funded by the residents of the Fifth Ward to represent the Fifth Ward.

  2. Phil actually needed a little pick me up after Bhalla threw HIM under the bus when he announced that he was considering a run for the House seat that was only recently handed to Menendez Jr. Phil will need a bit more time to raise the kind of money
    Ravi had in the bank when Mayor Zimmer stepped aside to help fix the weather. It’s all gotten so complicated and I kinda wish they just did what they were elected to do.

  3. Wow. What a screaming endorsement. This guy is a Bhalla puppet.

    Ravi’s little angel Emily is clearly running for mayor and Ravi will support it so why I Phil so far up Ravi’s ass he can smell yesterday’s Masala?

    Patrick and I are voting for Liz!

  4. Ravi, is that you? Yes Phil, do as a loyal puppet and never vote against me.
    Keep kissing up to Blue Violets

    Nice seeing you and Frank Magaletta both whispering to Blue Violets owners ( Hoboken’s most annoying crybabies ) taking to defendants ( conflict much?)

    Lets hope Team Bhall is Team Bye Bye

  5. “Phil has proven his commitment to improving the lives of working families in Hoboken”??

    Phil Cohen voted to lay off 26 City employees on May 7, 2020, during COVID-19. Many in that group were forced to retire early on May 1, 2020, having 25 or more years of service. Many workers in that group have children. No thanks, just good bye and bring on the new hires and raises. What is wrong with our so-called City leaders? Say goodbye to Phil.



  6. The Stakes are too high
    Speaking of “high” If Bhalla team maintains it’s majority Hoboken will be riddled with Weed shops