Fulop again defends Jersey City casino, but stresses local voters will decide


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop again defended his position in favor of a city casino at a Ward F Town Hall meeting last night, but stressed that the decision would ultimately be made by local voters in November.


Guy Patton, a Ward F resident, asked how anyone could possibly support a Jersey City casino when studies show crime, drug abuse and home foreclosures are inevitable when a casino is brought to a municipality.

“Considering that we don’t have enough police officers, as we’ve all heard tonight, and that problems with crime – in Ward F especially├é┬á are terrible – how could we possibly justify supporting a casino?” he asked.

Fulop was happy to explain why he will be voting yes to bring gaming to North Jersey, a ballot question the state Assembly approved yesterday, but first stated that if Jersey City voters are opposed to the idea – he is willing to let it go without any further questions asked.

“Now, if the people of New Jersey say ‘yes, we want casinos,’ and the casinos get the green light to move forward, but the people in Jersey City – you and us – respectively vote no, I’m going to respect what you all want.”

With that said, Fulop feels the location, which would be directly adjacent from Liberty National Golf Course, the fact that the investment would be at least $1 billion and that upwards of 5,000 jobs would be created all make a local casino a good investment.

Fulop’s remarks echoed what he said at a Downtown Town Hall meeting in January.

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