LETTER: Jersey City BOE ‘has lost sight of its purpose’ & is too caught up in politics


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Sam Sumit Salia explains why he feels that the local board of education has lost their way and has become too politically motivated.

Sam Sumit Salia. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the recent action drama that I witnessed in the recent board meeting, as a resident and taxpayer of Jersey City, as well as above all else, a father.

It shows what mess we have on school board and how it dysfunctions and solely serving selfish purpose of being realm of over $1 billion budget and managing in appropriately without proper accountability and shadows of corruption.

The board of education has lost sight of its purpose and is more concerned with outside political influence and union interests as opposed to its stated goal of educating the children of Jersey City.

We need a BOE that is accountable to the taxpayers and held responsible for a bloated near billion dollar budget coupled with significant annual tax increases.

At the same time, a focused priority on educational outcomes needs to be implemented, as residents throughout Jersey City are puzzled and angry, as spending continues to increase with no end in sight, why do our children’s education not improve.

Last week’s BOE meeting was symptomatic of wider dysfunction within the board and a lack of correct priorities is evident.

It is time for Jersey City residents to advocate for meaningful change and set our BOE back on track for the betterment of all of our students.

We need a fresh leadership which is all above political ambitions and selflessly serve the children as well taxpayers of Jersey City.

Sam Sumit Salia
Jersey City resident


Editor’s note: Sam Sumit Salia unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the Jersey City Board of Education in 2023.

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