Freeholder-elect Vainieri pushes for guard rails on JFK Blvd. after hit and run


In the wake of a tragic car accident that has left two brothers in critical condition, Freeholder-elect (District 8) Anthony Vainieri is calling on Hudson County to install guard rails near Columbia Park in North Bergen, located by John F. Kennedy Blvd. and 32nd St., as a safety precaution. 

Anthony Vainieri

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Kennedy Boulevard at 31st and 32nd streets has a dangerous mix of heavy vehicle traffic with the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel and many pedestrians walking to and from nearby shopping areas,” said Vainieri in a prepared statement.

“What happened to these young men was an absolute tragedy and the County needs to act to prevent something like this from happening again. Guard rails along with sidewalk in this area could have protected Michael and Adrian from this ordeal and I pledge to do whatever I can to make sure this situation is fixed.”

Michael and Adrian Viruet were hit by a red Nissan Rogue that jumped the curb and drove into the pedestrian area of Columbia Park late Friday evening. The brothers were walking home from seeing a movie and both of them are in critical condition, according to the Hudson County Sheriff’s department.

JFK Blvd. is a County road, which means that North Bergen does not have any jurisdiction in the matter. Vainieri, who will take office in January, vows to make remedying this issue a top priority.

“Although I won’t take office until January, I feel that I cannot sit back and do nothing after seeing such a horrific accident right here in our community and that’s why I am taking this action,” he added.

 “I urge County officials to act on this request immediately and help prevent another tragedy like this, and I also urge the driver of the vehicle to turn him or herself in to the authorities so that this family can get the closure it needs and justice can be served.”

For anyone who would like to make a donation towards the medial expenses of the Viruet brothers, a GoFundMe   page has raised nearly $9,500 in just two days.

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