DiVincent, HHA resident debate problems and solutions for Section 8 housing


Hoboken Housing Authority Acting Executive Director Robert DiVincent and a resident of the HHA discussed some of the lingering issues associated with Section 8 housing at Thursday’s regular board meeting. 


“You have a situation where Hoboken rents are much higher than the fair market rents, of the area that is used to determine fair market rents,” DiVincent said.  “We [the HHA] had permission to go up to 110 percent of fair market rents.”

” … The way the Section 8 program works, you pay 30 percent of your rent. That’s what every section 8 person does.”

” … If the rent increase goes above 110 percent, which the housing authority is allowed to pay, then the tenant beats the burden of the additional increased,” DiVincent explained.

Hoboken Housing Authority resident Linda Petrozelli expressed that there were still too many unanswered questions in the process.

“I want to know what my voucher states. I found a piece of paper [at] home that just states the rules I’m entitled to [since] the applicant, my husband, died,” she said.

“[I’m] the one percent that’s legally married, my husband’s on the lease, [he’s] always been, income has always been the same.”

Petrozelli later expressed a dilemma over the fact that she cannot work since she receives disability from the state, making it virtually impossible for her to earn more income.

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