Former two-term Hoboken Mayor Anthony Russo, father of councilman, passes away


Former two-term Hoboken Mayor Anthony Russo, the father of 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo, passed away this morning at 74 years old.

Former Hoboken Mayor Anthony Russo. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County

Russo was first elected mayor in 1993 and then re-elected in 1997. He sought a third term in 2001, but was bested by then-Councilman Dave Roberts.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2000 and while surgery to remove a tumor was successful, he was again diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and 2003.

While he won a special election for the 3rd Ward council seat in 2003, the seat currently occupied by his son, he had to resign due to health reasons.

“Went for a long walk today and enjoyed an early meal on the waterfront. Mayor Russo says hi to all!! He enjoyed seeing the bustling city that he loves and watching all enjoy what he started in the mid 90’s, Hoboken’s rebirth,” Councilman Mike Russo wrote on Facebook last month.

He is survived by his sons Michael, Nicky, and Anthony, Jr.

“Mayor Russo was a larger than life figure who was beloved by his family, friends and community. His contributions to Hoboken were many, including the revitalization of our waterfront, an effort that continues to this day,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“Hoboken is the great place it is today in large part thanks to his vision for our City, and his memory will live on for generations to come. My sincere condolences are with the entire Russo family for their loss.”

Additionally, the City of Hoboken will fly all municipal flags at half-staff for one week starting tomorrow in honor of Russo’s passing.


Editor’s note: This story was updated with a comment from Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

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  1. Look at crooked Ravi kissing criminal ass. Hoboken and its residents were robbed in the millions by the “Culture of Corruption” under Anthony Russo. What a disgrace!

    This is worse when Ravi called Pupie “an asset to Hoboken,” not long before his criminal conviction for underwriting voter fraud in Hoboken.

    Is it true Ravi in one of his first actions as mayor brought the convicted felon Anthony Russo who robbed Hoboken, one Anthony Russo, into the Hoboken mayor’s office when he was installed with that dirty terror flier? It is!

    RIP to a true arch criminal. May God bless forgive eternal soul because Hoboken won’t be collecting on that restitution bill. What a Soprano State legacy, past and present. Ravi, represent!

  2. Mayor Bhalla showed class in his statement and actions. Russo was someone’s father. Someone’s grandfather. He was very humble in his latter years. To attack him now is disgusting. Condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

    • Agreed. Also kudos to HCV for taking the same classy approach.

      Mayor Russo’s legacy, good and bad, is already written into the history books. This is not the time to debate it. It is the time to show some class and offer condolences to Mike and the whole Russo family.

    • What’s Ravi’s deal? Who offers that kind of outlandish praise to a terror on the town? Completely over the top. Maybe someone will start talking about that terror flier. Hoboken deserves justice.

  3. Agree. Mayor Russo destroyed his legacy himself as a criminal. One can speak praises for city planning while also weighing against his crimes.