Former rivals Roque, Ferreiro now sing each others praises


Former Residents for a Better West New York leader Frank Ferreiro, once West New York Mayor Felix Roque’s biggest critic, had nothing but good things to say about him at last week’s board of commissioners meeting – with Roque reciprocating the praise.

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  1. Hey, Frank, don’t hold your breath waiting for Felix and friends to consider switching to the mayor/council form of gov’t. Ain’t gonna happen — despite all that warm and loving praise the two of you exchanged. Like oil and water, Roque and democracy don’t mix.

    But how nice that Roque is finally “feeling the pulse of the community” , as he claims. Where the heck has he been for the last three years when the citizens of WNY have been speaking out right to his face at meetings and voicing their concerns ???

    I hope he does a better job when he takes his patients’ pulse. LOL!