JC education activists call for new public school turnaround model


Journey for Justice education activists Monique Andrews and Lorenzo Richardson spoke with Hudson County View outside the Jersey City Board of Education about a turnaround model they would like to implement in some Jersey City Public Schools.

The turnaround model, which would be funded by the Federal Government, is a result of changes Congress recently made to the Special Improvement Grant program.

The program previously mandated four hotly-debated turnaround models, such as closing down a school or turning it over to a charter operator, according to a report from EdWeek.org.

The new changes to the program will allow states come up with their own interventions for troubled schools and submit them to the U.S. secretary of education for approval, according to the report.

Andrews spoke about her own experiences with SIG as a member of the Snyder High School Parent Council, while Richardson spoke about the public school turnaround model they were advocating for, known as the Sustainable School Transformation model, and what it would mean for Jersey City public schools.

For information about the Journey for Justice turnaround model visit: http://www.j4jalliance.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Sustainable-School-Transformation-New.pdf