Former Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Cunningham endorses Independently Together team


Former Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham has endorsed the Independently Together council-at-large slate, stressing a need for checks and balances at the local level.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Having diverse ideas and debate is our democratic process. We will lose that opportunity to maintain checks and balances with the Administration if the slate supported by the Administration is elected,” Cunningham said in an email blast last night.

“Moreover, we will all lose the opportunity to be heard as a community in shaping the very best in policies and initiatives, and overall solutions to our challenges for Hoboken. And there are plenty … With that being said, I am happy to endorse the Independently Together slate of Cheryl Fallick 9H, Sheila Brennan 10H and Paul Presenzano 11H.”

He continues that he’s known and worked with each of these “excellent candidates” for years and can speak to their work ethic.

His predecessor, Phil Cohen, predictably came out early in support of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s slate. Cunningham decided not to seek re-election in 2019 and Cohen ultimately won the seat.

While Bhalla is running unopposed, there are 10 council-at-large candidates, the two aforementioned slates and four independents, are vying for three seats.

The non-partisan Hoboken municipal elections are on November 2nd and early voting is available between October 23rd and October 31st.

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    • Peter Cunningham has always worked in the private sector and contributed to Hoboken as one of the best council members in living memory. He uncovered corruption and worked to stop it and protect Hoboken’s finances for three terms. The lies out of these Ravi operatives are disgusting. If you don’t bow to the emperor with no clothes they will shamelessly tell lies about you. Which is certainly better when they’re not dropping a terror flier to depict you as racist and deceive Hoboken into voting for Ravi. What an utter disgrace, the entire lot of you!

        • You stated a lie as Peter Cunningham never tried to do more than City Council “Dom.” I’m not surprised what nasty lying pricks you Ravi ops are since you proved it with the Ravi Terror Flier. There isn’t a small number of people who have the evidence.

      • After my very popular stint on gun-nut youtube, I’m thinking of starting a Ravi Did The Terror Flier youtube channel for all my many fans who are dying to hear me repeat Ravi did the terror flier, Ravi did the terror flier 24/7. I don’t actually have any evidence. Nothing, nada, zilch. But why let that stop me now? Plus, when I go grubbing for handouts to my paypal account I won’t have to share with the weird bald gun nut in sunglasses.

        Until then—

        Don’t forget to watch my pro January 6th videos and send money to my paypal account to thank me!

        • My friend said Horsey is happy Crazy Nancy is promoting his Paypal. He said the money is rolling in and led to a nice local charitable contribution recently. Laughing, he said, “Who knew supporting the US Constitution” would be so novel adding, “thanks Sybil!”

  1. “We will lose that opportunity to maintain checks and balances with the Administration if the slate supported by the Administration is elected,” Cunningham said in an email blast last night.”

    Funny, I don’t remember Peter saying that all the times he was on a ticket supported by the Administration at the time.

    Mayors have always run their own slates, why is this year so different? Why was it OK to support Mayor Zimmer’s or Mayor Roberts’ slates, but not Mayor Bhalla’s?

    I wonder what’s different, hmm.

  2. I heard an interesting story from a friend “in the know” that gives some insight into the sponsors of the not so independent Council slate.

    The story goes that pretty much immediately after the 2015 City Council election, Giattino, Fisher and Cunningham hatched a scheme to undermine/control Zimmer by seizing control of the Council, using Bhalla and Doyle as unwitting allies. The idea was to elbow Zimmer aside so that one of them could replace her as the “reform” candidate for mayor in 2017. The three of them would hash out who would be the “reform” candidate later. Interestingly, the now defunct horsecrap website, closely allied with Fisher and Giattino, started posting comments about how the election proved that Zimmer was carried in by the “reform Council” rather than the other way around and, while she was well meaning, it was time for someone else with more financial accumen to take her place

    The plan backfired because Bhalla and Doyle turned out not to be the unwitting fools the three (and the proprietor of the defunct site) treated them as, and because Zimmer quickly saw through the two-faced nonsense she was presented with.

    My source believes that the scheming lost Giattino the opportunity she might well have otherwise had, to have Zimmer’s support when Zimmer ultimately decided, on her own terms, not to seek re-election.

    If the story is true, Giattino actually lost the chance to be Mayor back in 2015. The last place finish in 2017 was just an inevitable formality.

    • You Ravi ops are losing your minds. Hobokenhorse had nothing to do with your fantasy and there are no stories I’ve ever seen written supporting your poorly woven fabrication. Dawn only appreciated Jen Giattino for her council support and then Jen saving the Southwest Park with a critically needed vote.

      In April 2017, Dawn threw a big mayoral election fundraiser. The entire Old Boys Club, the Hudson County Machine appeared and Gov. Murphy made an appearance. Of note, Ravi was handed a new role: master of ceremonies following an earlier February fundraiser in that year which he was featured as leading with only a “guest appearance” by Dawn. Many point to this evidence as consistent with a plan to deceive the public later that summer with a Ravi insertion betraying any claims of transparency and stabbing the Hoboken Reform Movement in the back.

      After the April fundraiser, Dawn backed out and executed her backdoor agreement with Ravi. Dawn never spoke to Jen about any interest she may have considered in being mayor. She only told her the decision was made the night before. The next day in front of City Hall, Dawn would back out of the mayoral race and endorse Ravi in her place.

      Dawn absolutely didn’t want another woman to follow and outshine her. In front of City Hall, Dawn wheeled Ravi out after their backroom agreement announcing she was backing out of the mayoral election and presenting Ravi to replace her. Dawn said she read a book about global warming and had to save the planet from President Trump. That was the reason Dawn gave Hoboken residents for backing out of the mayoral race four months before Election Day. Dawn Zimmer earned more derision for that than her infamous Dear Diary sideway scribblings added in the margins about Gov. Chris Christie.

      Despite her protestations about global warming, Dawn never did anything impacting her publicly proclaimed faith in the global warming religion. She would say nothing about Communist China the world’s biggest carbon producer with its massive coal expansion/burning. If you believe in the religion of global warming and Dawn is a follower, she did nothing other than taking a position with a Secaucus energy company to sell overpriced rain gardens and the like to Hudson municipalities.

      Dawn did however succeed in blocking Jen from having time to organize a campaign for a mayoral run. That was Dawn’s primary objective in the double-dealing switcheroo with Ravi. Jen would later get into the race late as other candidates but in the end, she could not defeat Dawn’s plan and the criminal success with the bottom of the deck dealt Ravi Terror Flier.

      That’s the true story of how Dawn killed the Reform Movement in Hoboken and the criminal rise of Ravi.

  3. Like I said, it’s a story I heard from someone who might really have been in a position to know. It has the virtue of fitting the publicly known facts like a glove, and I remember reading the stuff myself on the now defunct horsesh*t website and wondering WTF?

    But I have no idea if it’s true since I myself am not an insider If you’re an insider maybe you know better. But I’m guessing you’re more of a wannabee insider who nobody really wants to have anything to do with.

  4. I also heard from an *impeccable* source that picking Giattino was a non-starter because Dawn did not trust that she’d follow through on RBD. Whether that was based on conversations between them, or the lack of trust in JG’s competence to handle a project of that magnitude, I don’t know. Another contributing factor may have been Giattino’s membership in a party that denies climate change. Anyway, Zimmer had no intention to leave her legacy project to Jen Giattino. So I heard.

  5. The best — and most telling — part of all this campaign nonsense is that Mayor Bhalla is running unopposed, because all the anti-adminstration obstructionists on the council KNOW FULL WELL they could not compete with him. It KILLS them to think that the guy they thought they could hoodwink (and then later depicted with racists overtones as “unelectable”) would absolutely defeat any one of them.

    Why else would NONE of them have the nerve to run for mayor? If they are so right, so on the side of the people of Hoboken, and if Mayor Bhalla was so terrible and corrupt, they’d easily defeat him. Right? Yet none of them run. Because they KNOW Hoboken residents realize the mayor has done a good job.


    • You’re an idiot, Judy.

      The reason no one is running against Bhalla is that he plays dirty politics. All hat, no cattle? YMCA pool? Hilton Hotel? Washington Street overruns? Homeless Task Force?

      Bhalla is only banking his campaign on COVID and will turn his back on this town the second he gets a chance.

      • So the reason Tiff or Jen aren’t running against Bhalla is not because they know they would lose but because they’re afraid big bad Bhalla might call them names? And that’s supposed to somehow make them look better?

        Mayor is a hard job requiring actual leadership skills. The first test of leadership is a willingness to step forward and run. I think it’s fair to say Tiff and Jen have abdicated any claim to leadership by hiding behind Cheryl Fallick’s skirt. They should just resign now rather than wait two years to go hide under their beds again.

  6. One of the great mysteries of the 2017 election, even greater than the oft mentioned terror flyer mystery, is how Giattino could have finished last among the “major” candidates despite the active enthusiastic support of Roman, his powerful Hoboken Horse blog, and the Real Reformers who installed Zimmer as a figurehead in 2009.

    Many people believe that the only plausible explanation is massive voter fraud on an epic level. Indeed, it is widely believed by Patriots that George Soros and his international socialist cabal used Hoboken in 2017 as a laboratory to test the evil schemes employed in 2020 to steal the presidency from the great Donald J Trump and install the demented, senile communist Joe Biden.

  7. Vote Bhalla Bots OUT!

    We already have council puppet Cohen and Ravi bought out Vanessa thinking he would get the council seat unopposed, now we need to rid ourselves of Jim and Emily too!