Following gov’s latest restrictions on gatherings, West New York suspends winter sports


Following Gov. Phil Murphy’s latest restrictions on on public gatherings, the Town of West New York has announced they will be suspending winter sports.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Although we were planning on holding a sports season while maintaining strict safety protocols, the governor’s executive order has made it very difficult to hold any organized sports activities at this time and we will always put safety first,” the wrote on their website yesterday.

“All activities will remain on hold until further notice.”

On November 16th, Murphy signed Executive Order No. 196, limiting indoor gatherings to 10 people as of November 17th and outdoor gatherings to 150 people as of November 23rd.

The order contains a number of caveats, with indoor wedding, funerals, and political gatherings among activities at a 25 percent capacity cap not to exceed 150 people.

As for indoor sports, the directive says that the 10 person limit can be exceeded for essential personnel, but that likely does not include spectators.

“Indoor sporting competitions and practices will be permitted to exceed the 10 person limit only for individuals necessary for the practice or competition, such as players, coaches, and referees, but may not exceed 150 individuals For most indoor sports, this will mean that there can be no spectators,” the order says.

As of yesterday, West New York reported 3,085 COVID-19 cases to date, 892 confirmed recoveries, and 147 related deaths.

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