FEMA registered 1,030 Bayonne households for Ida assistance, 851 referred for further action


FEMA registered 1,030 Bayonne households for Hurricane Ida assistance in recent weeks, with 851 referred for further action, according to Mayor Jimmy Davis.

FEMA representatives were recently stationed at the Bayonne Museum. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“FEMA has provided a variety of services to the people of Bayonne. These services have ranged from inspections to financial assistance. FEMA has been extremely helpful in helping the people of Bayonne to recover from the flooding that we experienced on September 1,” Davis said in a statement.

Thus far, FEMA has approved $1,854,460 in financial assistance in Bayonne. Of that total, $1,726,841 has been for housing assistance, while $127,620 has been for cars, personal property, and other items.

Additionally, 765 home inspections have been approved. Of those, 623 inspections have been completed, while 34 people have received rental assistance.

When FEMA’s mobile assistance center was set up outside the Bayonne Free
Public Library, the agency assisted 112 residents. Since relocating to the Bayonne
Community Museum, FEMA has assisted an average of 10 residents per day.

“I would like to thank FEMA for helping so many Bayonne residents over the last several weeks. I would also like to thank PresidentBiden for making New Jersey residents eligible for federal disaster assistance. His decision was responsible for bringing FEMA to our state in the first place,” the mayor added.

“Since so many Bayonne people were affected by Ida, I asked FEMA to come back for an
additional period to help our residents. We will continue doing whatever we can
with FEMA to provide the recovery assistance that Bayonne needs.”

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