Father says infant son was attacked at Jersey City day care, workers lied about it


A Jersey City parents says his 20-month-year-old son was abused by a much larger, older child at a Jersey City day care last week, while employees lied about how the incident actually occurred.


Brandon Holmes, Sr. alleges that his son, Brandon Holmes, Jr. – who celebrates his 2nd birthday on November 25th – was physically abused by a much larger, older child at the daycare on July 30.

The father says Cradle to Crayons Learning Center employees tried to cover up the incident, which took place on Holmes, Jr’s second day there, since their turn of events was disproven when Holmes, Sr. was showed the relevant surveillance footage inside the office of David Jefferson – the daycare owner.

According to Holmes, Sr., daycare employees initially told him his son got into a spat with another child over a toy.

However, he said the surveillance footage tells a completely different story.

Holmes, Sr. says he recorded a number of conversations he and his son’s mother had with Jefferson over his son being attacked, including one where Jefferson allegedly refused to give Holmes, Sr. a copy of the surveillance footage.

Holmes, Jr. sustained scratches and cuts on his face, ear, forearm and elbow during his alleged physical encounter at the learning center, all of which seem to be healing well.

Holmes, Sr. also told Hudson County View that he has since filed a report with the Jersey City Police Department and contacted the state Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS), as well as retaining Iselin attorneys Ronald Spevak and Louis Mangione.

Mangione confirmed on Tuesday that he was retained by Holmes, Sr. in the matter, but was not immediately available today for a follow-up conversation.

Furthermore, Holmes, Sr. added that the daycare has gone silent in the past week or so, not even issuing any form of apology for what happened to Holmes, Jr.

Hudson County View didn’t have any luck when we visited Cradle to Crayons – located at 406 Communipaw Ave. – late Wednesday afternoon, as employees were hesitant to answer the doorbell.

Eventually, a female employee quickly cracked the door open to say “no comment,” claiming that Jefferson was not in and refused to provide any contact information for him.

An awning outside the facility says that children ages 0 through 13 are served, with urban league accepted, computers in every classroom, sign language and spanish introduced and hot breakfast and lunch served.

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  1. Something like that was bound to happen. I’m surprised something didn’t happen sooner then that (or at least that we know about). That daycare center have those children in the park (the park behind P.S.22) all day long. I would take my son there around 7:30 in the morning and they would be there having breakfast. They keep them in the park all day long. The children would be all over the park playing and doing things that they shouldn’t be doing and the staff would be sitting all together on the bench socializing. I bet that incident happen in the park while they were not be supervised.