Ex-Gov. McGreevey booted from community meeting on prisoner re-entry center


Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey (D) dealt with a community leader asking security to escort him out of a meeting about the new prisoner re-entry center at the Sacred Heart Church ministry before he left on his own. 


The meeting, held at the Urban League of Hudson County on 253 Martin Luther King Dr. in Jersey City, saw community leaders such as state Sen. Sandra Cunningham (D-31), Assemblyman Charles Mainor (D-31), recent Assembly candidate Bruce Alston and ex-council candidate Michele Massey, discuss the potential new prisoner re-entry center at the Sacred Heart Church on Bayview Avenue.

Joan Terrell, a former aide to late Councilwoman Melissa Holloway, called out McGreevey at the meeting, which took place last night, exclaiming: “This is not Jim McGreevey’s meeting. This is our meeting.”

“Somebody obviously invited him,” a member of the crowd said.

“Who invited him?” Terrell responded. “I don’t know,” answered the woman.

“No, do we want him at this meeting?” Terrell questioned, with several audience members responding “no.”

“Then we can ask security to plead escort him from this meeting,” she stated. ” … Mr. McGreevey, this is a community meeting, we prefer to talk among ourselves, we would ask that you please leave.”

McGreevey asked if that was the consensus of everybody, to which he was met with a resounding “YES!”

After a few more attempts to speak his peace, Terrell continued to press McGreevey to make his exit, to which he obliged.

“Thank you, God bless everyone,” McGreevey said as he walked out.

“God bless you too,” a member of the audience said, to which McGreevey acknowledged with a “thank you.”

McGreevey resigned as governor in disgrace in August 2004, announcing he was “a gay American” and was resigning after having an affair with another man, who was later revealed to be on his staff. He has been waging a comeback of sorts through the JCETP.

Community activist Yvonne Balcer posted a 28-minute clip of the meeting on YouTube for the group “Speak New Jersey.”

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  1. News 12 reported today that McGreevey wanted to put a prisoner re-entry facility right across the street from an elementary school. What a brilliant idea!
    How do these people get into positions of responsibility? It’s just mind boggling.
    Like I always say, this state needs a complete overhaul, top to bottom.