‘F*** the pigs’ chant at ‘Black Power Rally’ in Jersey City draws strong reactions citywide


A “f*** the pigs” chant at a “Black Power Rally” in Jersey City yesterday is drawing strong reactions citywide, with the mayor, police union president, and Black leaders all weighing in.

Screenshot via Twitter.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On Saturday, Black Men United Jersey City held what they referred to as a “Black Power Rally” at Berry Lane Park to address national and local problems with the police.

Mayor Steven Fulop tweeted a 20-second cell phone video from the event where it showed demonstrators chanting “f*** the pigs,” writing that he supports civil demonstrations and protests, but not “inflammatory + infectious rhetoric which only further divides us like this.”

“Obscenities being hurled at police officers who risk their lives every day is unacceptable, we should agree this isn’t an appropriate way to express grievances + it undermines calls for change.”

In response, the BMUJC page quote tweeted the mayor’s post and wrote “next time we’ll scream ‘F*** Fulop!’ too. #OffThePigs

Nevin Perkins, the founder of the group, explained his position in a phone interview with HCV.

“What we’re trying to cultivate in Jersey City and North Jersey is principled, disciplined, proactive organizing. Anytime there is an incident of police brutality, we have made the mistake of being reactionary. We called it a ‘Black Power Rally’ because that’s what it is, a call for Black Power and a call to action for our people. We need to be proactive in protecting out community from police violence,” he said.

“We’ve always had a strong disdain for JCPD and Fulop, but perhaps we are vocalizing this disdain more due to Fulop’s hypocrisy in telling our people ‘he sees us.’ We’re at the space now where we’re not just gonna bite our tongue. In terms of actually engaging … there were multiple opportunities before the ‘f*** the pigs’ chant took place to do so.”

He also said Fulop should be publicly addressing any potential instances of brutality, such as when 31-year-old Jeremy Pearson was struck by a police vehicle during a drug pursuit earlier this month.

In July, the mayor came out against defunding the police and has since firmly maintained his position. The Jersey City Council approved a $658 million budget the following month without any cuts to public safety during a marathon meeting.

Additionally, Jersey City Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Carmine Disbrow said in a statement that these actions and “hateful language” make it more difficult for officers to do their jobs.

“Actions like these, and the use of such hateful language that is unacceptable in any situation, only makes policing more challenging. We remain committed to engaging in productive dialogue and advancing efforts that keep our members, and the residents we serve, safe.”

Pamela Johnson, the executive director of the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement, said that she spoke at the event despite the fact that her group was not one of the organizers and left feeling that there is a lot of work to do.

“Our youth are frustrated and we have to find a way to hear their points of view to gain an understanding of where it stems from. JCAVCM works with law enforcement and we know they are a key part of the change that’s needed, and together with the community, we can get there!”

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  1. Let’s go hit those gang corners & areas and clean up within our own community. Lets denounce all of the GUN VIOLENCE being committed by our BLACK YOUTH. Lets not be quiet when gang members kill each other.

  2. Whenever there’s a protest where the individuals protesting use harsh language or”inflammatory language as Fulop calls it, people come out to criticize the protest. They never criticize what led to the protest. Essentially, they co-sign the brutality that is the cause and then the victims how they should react !!

  3. F*** the pigs.. What a great message and what a great way to lose all people’s respect instantaneously. How odd, though. Isn’t “Respect” all they cared about all the time?

  4. Wait, the Democrats unleashed their mobs but are turning on them?
    Two billion in damages, stores destroyed, buildings burned and dozens dead in 2020 and that was no problem. Tearing down American monuments was also perfectly fine. Not a single word of opposition from the Democrats.

    The Democrats and their media allies sure loved those “mostly peaceful protests.”
    They were thrilled to unleash the Antifa and BLM Marxist mobs on the public no matter the costs to the public, their neighborhoods, livelihood, life and limb.

    The stand-down orders to police was obvious. The refusal to allow National Guard stop it was consistent. It was a political decision to protect the tools, these Democrat-backed mobs.

    The communists want to continue to take down America with more rioting and destruction.
    Now it’s a “problem?”

    Go on Antifa and BLM communists, do your Democrat thing!
    Let their backers reap their reward.

  5. It’s all about $.
    All faces on US currency are white.
    Every crime committed is for that currency.
    Police defense is for money.
    White people are responsible for all mental illness out there.
    Instead of jails. What about a Mental institution where your career readiness is your ticket out to society.
    It will not happen because this is Americans.
    A slave driving race full of insecurity, lack of dignity,
    Cheaters of a manipulated system made for minority control.
    I’m killing them😈shhhhhh.🖕the Police. FBI unsolved mysteries 🤣

  6. I truly say f*** the lying ass mayor he lied to me said he wanted to take only pictures of the slumlord building I lived in him counselman jermaine Robinson and Kurt Harris from section 8 I was at work my daughter let them in for pictures only them team Jersey City. Brought 75 people in my apartment picked pictures and put it in the papers with out my knowledge I was taken to court along with other 7 people from the building we were all evicted nothing happened to the slumlord just changed the name of their company and me and my children are homeless due to their lying ass. Struggling to survive every day a couple of the tenants have passed on due to becoming I’ll with no where to live and he would not see me or take my calls f*** them all

  7. Well, if they stop committing crimes, then JCPD won’t have to use force in stopping those animals… It’s an excuse for starting more trouble. They don’t know how to drive, always running red lights in JC, speeding down JFK, jaywalking like they own the streets, and dealing drugs while loitering with no jobs or life. I hope the police eliminates those fake “activists”.

  8. This sends a bad message you can call for justice and equality without yelling such chants then you come with next time your gonna chant “off the pigs”? How can anyone condone this? Our children are listening from everything I’ve read and heard of this group they want the police gone our streets would be far worst than they are now and protest yelling things like this does everything but help our youth. It’s sad that some condone it because the Mayor commented on and trust I’m not at all a fan of Fuloup but he was absolutely right in denouncing what there shouting. I heard this same group shout “We can police ourselves!” No we can’t because if we could these shooting would not be happening, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, human trafficking, drug dealers, robberies! Change comes when everyone sits at the table and come to a consensus but if one wants change on one side and status quo on the other nothing gets done. We have to look at our part. In some situations it’s clearly injustice but in others not so clear cut. We want the police to have ESP and stop the situations before it happens but that’s not how it works and then no one wants to report anything and when they come nobody knows anything. I APPLAUD those who get out hitting the streets to call for change but our message has to be right our kids are listening and they don’t hear a rhetorical statement they hear a literal one. I beg our black activists who work with the police PLEASE don’t support this message. They clearly have no desire for communication so when you support it it stains your message.