Ex-WNY Commissioner Vargas will maintain full $75k salary after guilty plea


Former West New York Commissioner Ruben Vargas will continue to collect his annual salary of $75,000 after the town’s parking authority opted not to terminate him this morning – even though he pleaded guilty to equity skimming last week.


At the meeting, which included a roughly 45-minute closed session prior to the public comment portion of the meeting, Hudson County View – the only public speaker – asked what Vargas’ employment status is.

“The violation to which he pled guilty to does not touch on his employment here or at the housing authority,
said agency counsel John Azzarello, who was one of Roque’s criminal defense attorneys when he was acquitted of federal hacking charges in October 2013.

“His conduct, which by the charge, apparently ended in 2013, does not affect his performance or his duties either here or at the housing authority. Notwithstanding those factors, we are looking at whether or not there are any requirements under the law for us to take action – I don’t believe there are at this time – that requires us to take action.”

“So, his employment status is something that is being examined and we’ll continue to examine in the coming months leading up to his sentencing.”

Azzarello said he wouldn’t speculate what the authority will do after Vargas’ sentencing, given that there are many scenarios that could occur between now and then.

Vargas earns $40,000 as an outside operations manager, as only Hudson County View reported back in July.

He also earns $35,000 as the head of security for the housing authority, who decided to let him stay on the payroll last night, of course totaling for an annual salary of $75,000.

As we reported earlier today from the housing authority, there is no specific language in the the plea agreement for Vargas banning him from public employment.

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  1. Vargus has that little smile on his face for a reason , a convicted felon with no high school diploma still on two public payrolls with the Mayor’s personal attorney representing him . I wonder if it’s a Pro Bono case or the Mayor’s footing the bill for his buddy. The parking authority better hire somebody to watch the head of security with the $$$$$

  2. Finally John H. took my advice and my coaching lessons and went to bat on the questions that needed to be asked on both videos about Vargas, and the suit wasn’t too shabby either.

    Now, John want to take any bets that Vargas walks out a free man on Judgement Day ?

    Like my mom says, there isn’t any Judge that can not be bought. Place your wager here..:}}

  3. Time to Abolish the Parking Authority!

    All Money being spent on friends and Donors. Town benefits nothing from the Parking Authority but a little fine Money. Look at the books an you see 30+employees and 2 dozen vendors. Enforcement Officers only 7 people. The Town could use the Money fixing and cleaning the town up. Plus more Cops. Give the Public Safety Dept the 7 Parking Officers and town gets all the Money.