County Commissioner Chair Romano endorses Cordova in Hoboken 1st Ward council race


Hudson County Board of Commissioners Chair Anthony Romano (D-5) is endorsing Hoboken Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board Chair Rafi Cordova in the 1st Ward council race for an open seat.

Hudson County Commissioner Anthony Romano (D-5, left) and Hoboken 1st Ward council candidate Rafi Cordova. Photo courtesy of the Cordova campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I announce my strong support for Rafi Cordova in his campaign to be the next 1st Ward City Councilman,” Romano, also the city’s deputy public safety director, said in a statement.

“Rafi’s care and attention for all Hoboken residents, coupled with his deep knowledge of the most important issues facing our ward make him the ideal candidate to represent us.”

Romano also praised Cordova’s efforts to help seniors in the city, as well as for his service on the volunteer rent leveling board, striving to give fair outcomes to tenants.

“Rafi has built deep ties with the city’s seniors, for whom he serves as a bridge to city services. For the countless residents who know him, he is a dependable and tireless helping hand for any issue that arises … He is a fierce champion of tenant’s rights, fair rents, and development that benefits residents, as opposed to the bottom line of developers or unscrupulous landlords.”

Romano won a closer than expected primary battle, by a margin of about 53-47, in a 2020 rematch with progressive activist Ron Bautista.

He has another race to run this fall, facing a challenge from Hoboken Republican Committee Chair Joe Branco.

Cordova announced his candidacy in May with the support of Mayor Ravi Bhalla, former 1st Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano, and Democratic Committeewoman Eileen Carvahlo, as HCV first reported.

This came about two weeks after incumbent Mike DeFusco announced he would not be seeking a third term.

For the moment, the non-partisan November 7th contest in the 1st Ward looks like it will be a head-to-head affair, with Cordova squaring off with Paul Presinzano, who runs a local nonprofit group.

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    • Lol sure, but it’s not like he’s a mail room clerk who came out of nowhere to get involved in politics, he is the chair of the most important board in the county.

  1. Hoboken is an expensive place to live.
    Does Mr Cordova have an actual day job to pay his family’s bills ?
    He seems to have a lot of free time to to spend getting appointed to and sitting on Mayor Bhalla’s non-paid boards.

  2. How does Rafi feel about Romano owning buildings on Washington street and a new carriage house worth millions on Court Street while keeping an affordable apartment in Marineview which should go to a needy family ?

    • Don’t expect an answer from the puppet A after Bhalla put him on the cannabis board expect even more of the pot shops to pop up in the First Ward and the ones already given the green light to get larger.
      Ravi only sees the tax money that these places will bring in to cover his out of control sending and cares nothing about the people of the First Ward who actually have to live around them. You will never see any of them near his town house.

  3. Wow, Anthony. I’m saddened you sold out for Ravi too. First you sign up to read sexualized content to children sponsored by our taxpayer-funded library. Now you bend the knee to Ravi?

    You used to represent real Hoboken. Old Hoboken. You used to be a genuine Catholic. I can’t judge you, but please pray for yourself as you have clearly gone astray.

    Your neighbor,